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Thornton Creek ~ Attendance

~ Attendance, Thornton Creek

Attendance Office

Baber, Holly

Occupational Therapist
Melinda Bohrer

Bohrer, Melinda

Physical Therapist


I have been working at Eckstein for 8 years. I enjoy helping my students to keep moving. Outside of work, I like to keep moving also. I like to ride my bike, swim, go hiking, work in the garden, and cook. I have two cats, Mr. Fish and Miss Daisy.

Braden, Erica

1st Grade Teacher
Maria Callahan

Callahan, Maria

Art Teacher
Lisa Calvert

Calvert, Lisa

4th/5th Grade Looping Teacher
Piper Carling

Carling, Piper

Art Teacher
Jean Catron

Catron, Jean

Special Education Assistant
John Chavez

Chavez, John

4th/5th Grade Looping Teacher
Julie Clayton

Clayton, Julie

Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher
Joshua Colwell

Colwell, Joshua

PE Teacher
Benjamin Conway

Conway, Benjamin

Teacher ELL
Jeremy Cooper

Cooper, Jeremy

Special Education 3rd-5th Grade Teacher
Phoebe Daniels

Daniels, Phoebe

2nd/3rd Grade Looping Teacher

Personal Message  

Cynthia Deshler

Deshler, Cynthia

Reading Specialist

DuRuz, Bridget

Academic Interventionist 4th and 5th grade


Hello Friends! I am truly inspired to be part of the warm and wonderful Thornton Creek community. As a native Seattleite, I am aware of the depth of family support and the extraordinary value of Expeditionary Learning that students benefit from here. I come to Thornton Creek with a long teaching career behind me (K-8), over two decades running my own tutoring and enrichment business, and most recently coaching student-teachers from UW in their field placements at various Seattle Schools including Thornton Creek! As the Academic Interventionist for 4th and 5th grade, I will provide individual and small group support for Math and Literacy skills. I look forward to engaging students with authentic learning opportunities that will ensure growth, motivation and confidence. Please come find me in my work space in the common area between Mim’s and Robyn’s rooms.

Kristen Eason

Eason, Kristen

Caitlin Fix

Fix, Caitlin

Special Education Assistant
Theresa Frazer

Frazer, Theresa