Planned Absence Form

When your student is going to be late or absent please email or call 206-252-5304 to let us know.  Even if you have let teachers know about an absence, the attendance office still need to know so that they can enter the absence as excused.  The contact info is also on the front page of the website if you need to reference it.

If a student is not in their classroom by 8:10 a.m. they need to come to the office and get a “Welcome to School” pass so that the attendance office can adjust attendance.  There will be times students are late occasionally due to appointments and life, but as much as we can cut down on them it is helpful.

If a student is going to be gone for more than 2 days we need to have a planned absence form filled out and turned into the office, ideally at least a week in advance. The district codes vacations as “unexcused vacation” time. Even though these are not counted as truant days you may still get a robocall/email – please ignore the notification and enjoy your trip!

To pick up your student early from school for an appointment please come into the office to sign them out, and we will call them down to the office to meet you.  If you are tight on time, you can call when you are 10 minutes away and we will try to have them waiting in the office.  While we understand that often there are no appointments available outside of school hours, any minimizing of interruptions to instruction is much appreciated.

Thank you for your help, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.