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Special Education
Thornton Creek has provided special education services for over twenty years, and special education families are a valued part of the school community. Thornton Creek currently offers a continuum of special education services, including Distinct, Access and Resource programs. This array, all in the same location, allows students to learn in the least restrictive environment that is appropriate for them. At the heart of the special education program at Thornton Creek is the desire to celebrate the strengths of our students and support their individual needs. All students, regardless of the special education program that they are assigned to, have access to their general education peers and curriculum.

Each distinct class has a staff-to-student ratio of 1 teacher and 2 instructional assistants to every 7 students. There are two distinct classes: K-2 and 3-5. Students in these classes work on a variety of skills in addition to their academic work. Skills include: increasing independence, socialization and communication. Students benefit from a high staff-to-student ratio and a small class size. They also participate in their general education classroom for portions of the day.

The Access program, started at Thornton Creek in the 2015-16 school year, serves students with mild-to-moderate academic, social and motor-skill challenges. The program has a ratio of 1 teacher and 3 instructional assistants to every 10 students. Students are in the general education classroom for the majority of the day, both with and without support from the special education staff.

The resource room is for general education students with mild-to-moderate learning and social challenges. Students receive specially-designed instruction and modifications to help them meet grade-level expectations and individual goals. Most specially-designed instruction is provided in the special education setting, but it is also provided in the general education classroom according to IEP requirements. Resource services are provided with a ratio of 1 teacher to every 22 students with no instructional assistant support.

Seattle Preschool Program Plus (SPP+)

The Seattle Preschool Program Plus (SPP Plus) is a preschool program offering inclusive education opportunities for students with and without disabilities. Students attend preschool on the same daily schedule as grades K-5 and follow the Seattle Public Schools calendar. Students engage in a full time, research-based curriculum where specially designed instruction is integrated into the classroom structure by both the special education and general education teachers in an early childhood learning environment.

Other Services
In addition to the services described above, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language pathologists assist students who qualify.

Parent Support Groups

Special Education Committee (a Site Council committee)

The Special Education Committee is made up of Thornton Creek families and staff and meets on a bi-monthly basis. These meetings offer the opportunity for families to connect within a warm, supportive environment. The committee advocates at the school and district level on behalf of families of students with disabilities; promotes inclusion of students with disabilities in all school activities (e.g., sensory friendly accommodations); and plans parent education events relating to special education (e.g., anxiety, IEP planning, middle school transition). Contact Information:

Thornton Creek PTA: Families of Students with Disabilities 

TC PTA hosts monthly Families of Students with Disabilities Meetups where families have a chance to connect, share resources, learn about upcoming PTA events, and chat about ways we can support each other. Partnering with our larger PTA network – including Seattle Council PTSA and Seattle Special Education PTSA – TC PTA helps families navigate the unique challenges students with disabilities face; advocates for and promotes awareness about diversity, equity and inclusion at Thornton Creek and in our wider community; and rallies for educational justice for all students. We learn and grow together in community; hold space for discussion around the intersection of race, gender, and ability; and create opportunities for all families to feel welcome, empowered and see themselves reflected in our public school. TC PTA meets families where they are. If a one-to-one walk, phone call, or coffee meetup works best, please reach out anytime – we would love to connect:

Learn more about the PTA: Families of Students with Disabilities.