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Building Leadership Team

Thornton Creek Building Leadership Team (BLT)

The primary function of the Building Leadership Team (BLT) is to promote and facilitate the collaborative decision-making process which affects academic achievement and to identify how to support the needs of students and staff at Thornton Creek.

Purpose of the BLT

The BLT works on the Continuous School Improvement Plan (C-SIP), the school budget, and Professional Development (PD).

Thornton Creek C-SIP

The BLT works to:

  • Build consensus in the school community
  • Set goals and implement plans that provide for family, staff, community, and student involvement in appropriate aspects of school functioning
  • Communicate to the staff and parents suggestions and/or policy regarding the philosophy and focus of the instructional program, allowing the staff to plan final implementation steps
  • Consider suggestions and concerns of the staff and parents in order to aid and advance the goals of Thornton Creek Elementary School

Guiding Principle

The BLT pledges its commitment to work for the good of all students, staff, families & community. The BLT shall at all times respect the confidentiality of students, staff, and parents in the conduct of its business. In order to function at the highest level of professionalism, mutual trust and collegiality must exist among the school staff, parent community, and the BLT.

Decision Making

BLT committee members are responsible for gathering input from and representing their constituents in the best interest of the school as a whole. Members serve staggered two-year terms. The committee acts as an advisory body that makes recommendations to the Principal or Teachers for final approval. The BLT uses the Decision Making Matrix throughout this process.

Decision Making Matrix