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Story in Visual Art

  • Art keeps kids in school
  • Art prepares students for the future
  • Art impacts the ?whole child?
  • Art builds leadership
  • Art builds cultural awareness and empathy
  • Art promotes innovation
  • Art allows for self expression and awareness
  • Art impacts the entire school culture
  • Art is fun
  • Art can help the educational gap

The above list is from an article by Wynita Harmon for The Art of Education

“I was trying very hard to show my life and to tell my story, because that is what an artist is supposed to be doing: telling their story” -Faith Ringgold

Through Visual Art this year, we will explore storytelling in all its many forms. We will be doing ?what an artist is supposed to be doing.? We will be exploring different media and how each type effects our storytelling. We will look at artworks and art traditions from around the world. We will use Art as both a window and a mirror. In focusing our work this year on storytelling we hope to help students both express their own story and understand each other’s stories.

Maria and Piper