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Welcome to the Thornton Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

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Thornton Creek PTA was founded in 2018 by a group of dedicated anti-racist advocates. Our job as an equity-based PTA is to create space and opportunities for all families to feel welcome, empowered and see themselves reflected in our school.

Our primary goal is to foster and model equity while we advocate for educational justice for all students. Our hope is to make it as relevant, engaging, and meaningful as we can. We invite you to join us on this path of solidarity.

Thornton Creek PTA’s Voice

  • Promotes inclusive and equitable systems in our school and wider community
  • Celebrates Black Lives Matter at School
  • Hosts Families of Color playdates, potlucks and events
  • Leads quarterly school-wide gatherings
  • Organizes families to attend local marches and cultural festivals
  • Advocates on the legislative level for education justice for all students
  • Organizes and attends rallies for equitable systematic change
  • Aligns with environmental justice and student-led campaigns
  • Supports under-resourced families with a community pantry
  • Contributes to the Real Rent campaign in support of the Duwamish First Peoples
  • Connects, sparks our creativity, and enjoys our time together as a community

How to engage in the work we do

We believe that equity and inclusion work should be centered and nurtured in every level of participation and leadership in our school, district, region and world. Each year we build on the last and strive to know and be more. We are excited to hear your ideas and partner with you to support and thoughtfully engage in building environments where all our young people and families can thrive. We look forward to growing together and collaborating with you.

Connect With Us

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Thornton Creek PTA 2020-21 Executive Board Members

President – Christina Pizana (she/they)
Co-Vice President – Leimomi Felice (she/her)
Co-Vice President – Kristy Copeland (she/they)
Secretary – Stephanie Barnes (she/her)
Treasurer – Karen Foxley (she/her)

Visit our PTA Website for a full list of committee chairs. If you are interested in participating in one of our committees (Environmental Justice, Special Education, Pantry, Legislative, Communications, Membership, Events) or leading a new one, please email us at We look forward to building community with you!

Visit the Thornton Creek PTA website