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Start of School Forms

Start of School Forms

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! Please fill out and return the start of school forms. Required forms listed below may be completed electronically. Forms are available to download with translations through the District’s website “Start of School Forms” page. Please call the Thornton Creek Office, 206-252-5300 if you need any forms mailed to you.

Required Information and Forms

Please start by completing this “permissions” survey so we can help the TC community communicate with each other. This includes permission to compile your information for a school/classroom directory and to share information with our two parent organizations, TC Parent Group and TC PTA.

Please complete these fillable forms and email them to or return them to the T.C. Main Office.

Technology Form (iPad Form Laptop Form) – Students who receive a computer through Seattle Public School must complete the technology form and pay the $25.00 computer use fee. Fees should be paid through “School Pay,” our online payment system. Please set up your students’ School Pay account and pay the computer use fee today. Your student’s School Pay account will stay with them through high school graduation.

Emergency Info/Student Release Form This form will be used in the event of an emergency in which we are unable to access information on our computers.

FERPA Form Seattle Public Schools considers lack of response to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Directory Information Form consent for “Box A” on this form.

Form 504-2 This survey, to identify disabled students, should be completed and returned if applicable.

Indian Education Program Title VI New students should return this form, if applicable, so your child may be counted for funding under the program. Please return this form to

McKinney-Vento is a student housing questionnaire form that should be returned to, if applicable.

How To Return Completed Forms

  • Email your completed forms to or,
  • Students may drop off forms in the Main office or,
  • Mail forms to: Thornton Creek Elementary School | 7712 – 40th Ave NE | Seattle, WA 98115 or,
  • Drop off forms at the collection bin located outside the Main Entrance (40th Ave NE) Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM.

Additional Forms

Authorization to Administer Medications Complete and return this form if your student will need prescription or over the counter medication at school

Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch While breakfast and lunch are free for all students, students approved may be eligible for assistance on yearbook costs and other expenses.

School Communications Preferences | School Messenger Choose how you would like to stay connected and receive Seattle Public Schools District Information.