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Library Checkout FAQ

Here is the library’s list of frequently asked questions about check-out:

For how long are books checked out?

Two weeks. (One week for Kindergartners.)

How many books can a student check out?

As many as is reasonable. For Kindergartners, one item, increasing to three items in January. If students have overdue items, they may only check out one item that week.

May we get a list of the items our child has out?

Yes! Our librarian can easily print or send you a list. Periodically (about 3 to 5 times per year), our librarian sends a batch email out with lists of overdue items. You can also log on to the Source to see your child’s library record.

Can books be renewed?

Yes. You can renew books easily, with the book in hand or not.

My child really wants to check out a book, but it seems to be checked out continuously. What can we do?

Put it on hold! As long as your child does not have any overdue books, he or she can put a book on hold so that when it comes back in, the computer will alert us to set it aside for him/her. See our librarian for help.

We think we returned a school library book to the public library. What should we do?

Go back to the branch you returned it to and see if they still have it. Periodically, all non-Seattle Public Library books go downtown to be sorted and returned to the school library. If they have already sent it downtown, just wait and we’ll get it back in a month or so.

Are there fines for late books?


Where are some places that kids have found overdue books?

In the classroom, under the bed, under the mattress (!), behind the dresser, under other books or stacks of paper at home, in the locker at school, in the car, at the other parent’s home… When you receive an overdue list, please help them look in all the nooks and crannies– and check in with the librarian so they can help look around at school!

Are there fines for lost or damaged books?

We ask that families replace (with like binding—hardcover for hardcover, paper for paper) OR pay to replace books that are lost or damaged irreparably. Most of our books have a cost of purchase associated with the record. Remember that the cost of the book includes covering, processing, cataloging, etc. Payment can now be made with SchoolPay (via the Source), or by bringing in a check.

I am a parent and would like to be able to check out books for myself. What should I do?

See our librarian. She can set up your own library account for your family. It’s easy!