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    The Thornton Creek Winter Bazaar, an event co-sponsored by the TC Parent Group and the TC Associated Student Body (ASB), is right around the corner, and we’re looking forward to a fun-filled event!

    This eagerly-anticipated annual event is our community’s own craft fair and community get-together. Interested students have the opportunity to create handmade goods at home to sell to their peers and other community members. Each classroom also has the opportunity to create a handmade project to sell. After school, we have additional space for TC adult friends and alumni to sell their handmade work, and we have a cake-walk, live music, and food for sale.

    Reserve booth space for a current TC student here!
    The deadline to sign up to sell at the Winter Bazaar is Friday, November 30. While we are committed to making space for all student vendors who sign up by that date, we anticipate that outside vendor spots will fill before the deadline, so sign up soon!
    • The bazaar will be held on Friday, December 14, from 12:30pm – 5pm.
    • Students and classrooms will sell their handmade items in the gym and music room from 12:30pm - 5:00pm or until they decide to close up shop. Students who aren’t selling will have an opportunity to shop at the bazaar during their classroom’s designated time during the school day, as well as with their families after school.
    • No food may be sold or consumed before 3:00pm. An exception to this rule is sale of items that WILL NOT be consumed immediately on site such as jams or cookies mixes. If there is any possibility that the food item could be consumed immediately, students need to wait until 3:00pm to begin sales. New this year: Students who choose to sell food at 3:00pm will close up their craft booth and move to their food sales spot in the lunchroom to sell food only. No food will be sold in the gym, and no food containing nuts may be sold during the event.
    • Outside vendors (including TC alumni) are invited to sell handmade items in the Commons area from 2:25pm – 5:00pm. There will be a limited number of spots available, and we will take vendors on a first-come, first-served basis. If you or your friends or family members have been waiting for a chance to display and sell your work, now is the time!
    • 20% of your sales go to Thornton Creek and you get to keep the rest for yourself. You can always choose to donate a larger percentage of your sales. *
    • We have a new check-out process this year! When done selling (or when student vendors are transitioning from their craft booth to their food booth), vendors will come to the check-out table to submit their donation and to receive instructions on how to return their table to its TC home.
    • Please contact Winter Bazaar co-chairs, Robin Belz, Andrea Porter, or Tina Watkinson at with questions or comments.
    *The TC Winter Bazaar is a fundraiser co-sponsored by the TC Parent Group and the TC Associated Student Body (ASB). Fundraising profits will be distributed as follows: of the 20% booth fee collected from each participant, TC’s ASB fund will receive 10%, and the TC Parent Group will receive 90%.

    Trying to decide if your handmade items would be a good fit for the Winter Bazaar?

    • We’ve had outside vendors sell jewelry, clothing, pottery, paintings, photographs, fiber art, soaps, candles, and home-baked goods. Some of our vendors sell professionally elsewhere but many only sell at the Winter Bazaar. We have TC middle and high school alumni sell too!
    • This is a school-community event and it has that flavor in contrast to a professional show, but families really enjoy having outside vendors to shop.
    • Some outside vendors choose to have a few items at a lower price point that could be sold to students, but most outside vendor sales are to other adults.
    • Outside vendors will have table space that is either 4’x30” or 8’x30”, depending upon our availability and vendor need.
    • Vendors can arrive at TC to set up at 1:00pm and can begin selling at 2:25pm. Selling continues until the event ends at 5:00pm.

    Trying to help your child decide whether they would like to sell at the Winter Bazaar this year?

    • Each year, kindergartners through 5th graders sell at the Winter Bazaar. Generally a few kindergartners sell while a very large percentage of 4th and 5th graders sell.
    • K-2 students need to have an adult on hand to provide support as they participate in this event. If your child would like to sell but you can’t be at the event, you can ask another parent to help supervise your child. If your child is going to stay at the bazaar after the school day ends, they need to have a responsible adult present, regardless of grade level.
    • Kids who work together to make something can sell at the same booth. Please make note of this on your online sign up form. Friends and siblings who would each like their own booth, but to be placed next to each other, can request that as well. We do our best to accommodate all such requests.
    • We are committed to making space for every TC student who wants to participate and signs up by the deadline. As a result, the size of each student’s booth is variable depending upon our overall numbers and space. Most student booths may only be approximately 2’x2’. That being said, we work hard to arrange the space to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone participating.
    • Kids sell a huge variety of handmade creations. We’ve seen snow globes, watercolor paintings, stuffies and other sewn products, candles and soaps, Hama bead creations, finger knitting, books, trading cards, jewelry, and many more items. It is a joy every year to see the amazing creativity of TC students.
    • Students can set up their booths during their lunch recess time (but they must eat lunch during their lunch time!) and can start selling at 12:30pm. Again, some students need help setting up their booths. You are the best judge of what will work for your child.
    • Students can continue selling until the event ends at 5:00pm, but many students close up their booths much earlier, either because they've run out of goods or they're just ready to be done.
    • New This Year: Students who want to sell food items that can be immediately consumed (cookies, candy, etc.) will close up their craft booth in the gym at the end of the school day and move to their food sales spot in the lunchroom, where they can begin selling food at 3:00pm. No food will be sold in the gym.
    • When pricing items, help your child keep in mind that every student will have $5-$10 to spend (depending on their grade level) and there will likely be more than 100 student vendor booths.
    • Finally, the decision to sell means that you don’t get to spend as much time visiting the other vendors. Many students do have a neighboring student or an adult cover their booth so that they can walk around and see all of the other booths, but if your child is pretty excited about seeing all of the other booths, this is something to consider as well.

    Can't wait to see you there!