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    Thornton Creek Scholarship Policy

    Full and partial scholarships will be provided based on need and available funds. We also have funds for Special Needs students who need financial assistance for aid services. Free and reduced lunch qualifiers will have priority. Families will be asked what support they need and then the ASE program will try to meet that need. If families can afford to pay the registration fee, they will pay that first. Vendors are asked to provide one scholarship per session and if more students need scholarships than a provider can provide, then the enrichment scholarship fund will be used.

    The ASE Co-Chair and the ASE Coordinator ask that families in need submit a list of the student’s top 3 preferred classes ahead of official registration via this scholarship request form. The Chair and Coordinator will place students according to their requests and to ensure the best possible financial support.

    Records on scholarship recipients will be kept confidential.

    Every student who expresses a financial need is guaranteed one scholarship per academic year. If possible, we’d like to provide them with one per quarter. ASE coordinator to track scholarships given each quarter to ensure fairness in obtaining first choice selections and will be the point of contact for this.

    Class Attendance: If a student receiving a scholarship misses more than 3 classes per session without a substantial unforeseen reason, that student can be dropped from the class.