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    Thank you for your interest in teaching a class as part of the Thornton Creek enrichment program. Below you will find information about how to submit a proposal and the needed documents and information needed to be a part of our program. If you have any questions, please contact the enrichment coordinator.

    Documentation needs

    If you are interested in being a part of the enrichment program, the first step is to submit a proposal form (see the list below for the link). Due to space limitations and other considerations, it is possible that not all proposals will be accepted.

    Please be aware that businesses who would like to offer fee-based classes need to perform the following requirements and submit the following forms and documents in addition to the proposal form noted above 8 weeks prior to when the proposed class session begins:

    • Complete a class proposal form.
    • Provide a copy of your current business license.
    • Provide a copy of $1MM liability insurance certificate, valid through the last class day, which includes both Seattle Public Schools and the Thornton Creek Parent Group as additional insured.
    • Complete and sign the provider agreement.
    • Create an account for yourself at Schooldude-FSDirect, but DO NOT schedule a room at this time.
    • Complete the following for all staff who will be onsite:
      • Complete a once-in-a-lifetime national background check (OSPI or similar, or you may use the district's Verified Volunteers service).
      • Complete an annual WATCH background check and provide a screenshot of the results showing no negative findings. Note: We will accept a signed and dated letter on company letterhead that states that all of our background requirements have been fulfilled for each employee (listed by name) who will be onsite at Thornton Creek in any capacity.
      • Provide a copy of the certificate of completion for SPS's Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention online course.