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Thornton Creek School Bulletin 1/19/2023

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  • Fri 1/20 – Mon 1/23 – Lost and Found available. Donating to children in need on 1/23
  • Tues 1/24 – School Tour for incoming families – 9:00 – 10:30 – T.C.
  • Mon 1/30 – TC Family Social for Black Lives Matter & Lunar New Year – 6:00 – 7:30 pm – T.C.
  • Thurs 2/2 – Strike Make Up Day. School In Session. (Originally Day Between Semesters)
  • Thurs 2/2 – School Tour for incoming families – 9:00 – 10:30 – T.C.
  • Wed 2/8 – School Tour for incoming families – 4:00 – 5:30 pm – T.C.
  • Tues 2/14 – DragonFly Bazaar (detail below)
  • Wed 2/15 – Virtual School Tour via Zoom for incoming families – 5:00 pm
  • Mon 2/20 – Fri 2/24 – Mid Winter Break – No School

SPS School Calendar

From the Principal

Inclusion is a popular word in schools right now. Like other buzz-words it takes on different meanings to different people and in different contexts. Sometimes it can become almost a box to check, as in “We do inclusion.” At Thornton Creek, we are challenged every day to support an amazing diversity of learners, and this becomes an essential part of the learning community that students become every day. For this reason, I think we move beyond the idea of “inclusion” and instead I see every day that we are a school of “belonging.” Everyone belonging.

I’m not going to make this a long essay on belonging, but I do want to make sure everyone recognizes some important work that we are doing here at Thornton Creek. We have an amazing staff of educators who are thinking every day about ways to connect kids with each other and to learning together. With classroom buddies, we have a long tradition of helping each other here at Thornton Creek, but here are three things that are new to Thornton Creek this year that enhance belonging:

  • Our two Special Education “Distinct” classrooms have joined the rest of the school having lunch in the cafeteria. Teachers Katie and Haley, together with their team of instructional assistants, have worked through a lot of logistics to make this happen, and it’s wonderful. Sometimes this means noise levels in the lunchroom have been challenging, and students have been so accommodating and understanding.
  • Fourth grader classes participated actively a lesson about the experiences of children with autism in school, viewing a video called “Intricate Minds” and discussing the array of “gifts and challenges” we all share. Students discovered how frequently one person’s “gifts” are another person’s “challenge” and discussed how important it is to stay mindful of that. It’s for this reason, we never describe something as “easy” in school, for example. This recognition helps all students to recognize that their peers need different kinds of supports and accommodations to belong and be successful.
  • Fifth grade students are assisting younger students in the Distinct classrooms every day during recess. These fifth graders are building meaningful skills themselves and have become an essential part of helping other students access playground games and other experiences through the school day.

With that, just a few quick shout outs: first, to the First Grade Team (Jennifer, Erica, and Tammi) for their wonderful presentation at this week’s Martin Luther King Day Assembly, and also to the Fifth Grade Team (Mim, Lisa, Robyn plus Piper) for their inspiring presentation at last night’s Community Meeting about their expedition on Human Rights. Thank you!



From the Office and the Classroom

Lost and Found Donation Day

We will be donating our Lost and Found items, on Monday, January 23rd. All items will be outside the front of our building beginning Friday morning through the weekend, giving you a chance to find any lost items. Any item lost on Friday will not be donated. This week, teachers will walk classes by the lost and found and ask students to give the collection one last look.

Please label your students items with their name and “TC” so we can distinguish between Thornton Creek lost items and Decatur’s lost items.

DragonFly Bazaar

Thornton Creek Staff are happy to announce that we will be having the Dragonfly Bazaar on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 14th this year! This is a chance to celebrate the creativity and individual interests of our students, build community, and share each other’s talents. It’s so fun, brings the whole school together, and lets students get to know each other in a different setting. Read on to learn what this wonderful event will look like this year.

What is the Dragonfly Bazaar?

The Dragonfly Bazaar is a chance for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to create small crafts, set up shop, and sell their wares. Start thinking about your project and watch next week’s bulletin for the link to sign up to sell your craft. Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd graders will get to see the booths, shop, and learn what Thornton Creek’s Dragonfly Bazaar is all about.

Do we use actual money?

No, each student will receive a set of tickets that they will use to purchase the crafts of their choice. Every student will receive the same number of tickets.

When is this happening?

During school time! Each class will visit the Dragonfly Bazaar for a set amount of time. They will have time to enjoy looking at all the student crafts and spend their tickets to buy the crafts they like the best. Each item will cost between 1-3 tickets, vendors choice!

How can my 3rd, 4th or 5th grade child participate?

We want child-inspired and created projects! Parents can help but mostly we want the kids driving this and producing what they want to sell. At home, your child can make crafts as an individual or with a small group of friends. As teachers, it’s important to us that all our students can experience this opportunity if they desire. We will work with our students to ensure that happens. If your child chooses not to make a craft to sell, they still participate as a market goer on the given day.

What about sustainability?

This year we have a challenge for the kids! Can you make your craft upcycled, recycled, or otherwise Earth friendly?! This is not required, but consider using materials you already have around the house, and think about creating something made out of earth friendly supplies.

Craft ideas to get your creativity flowing!

For safety reasons, no food can be sold at this event. All other school appropriate crafts are welcome! Such as Glitter Mason Jars Playdough/Slime, Bird Feeders, Kites, Comic Books, Cards, Nature Prints, Bookmarks, Recycled Jewelry, Bath Bombs, Candles, Plastic Bottle Planters and more!

Electronics Policy and Gift Guide (repeat)

It’s not uncommon for students to return to school in January excited about a new electronic toy that is very disruptive. Please note that toys may not be brought to school, and communication devices (cell phones, text-capable watches, internet-enabled walkie-talkies, etc.) must be powered off and kept in backpacks during school hours

Thornton Creek Open House and Enrollment Information (repeat)

Please support our enrollment goals by encouraging friends and neighbors to attend one of our open houses. Enrollment and Open House dates are listed on our website.

Eckstein Incoming Student Open House on 2/2 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm (repeat)

You and your students are invited to attend the Eckstein incoming Student Open House on February 2, 2023. at 6:00 pm there will be a presentation from Prinicpal Rose, schoool counselors and a student panel. From 6:45 – 7:30 pm you will have an opportunity to walk through the building and visit various classrooms. Learn more about Eckstein on their website.

School Events and Opportunities

TC Community Social

Black Lives Matter at School and Lunar New Year Monday, January 30, 2023, 6:00pm – 7:30pm at Thornton Creek. Our PTA and Parent Group are hosting a drop-in social event on January 30th to celebrate the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action and to honor the Lunar New Year. This event is designed for caregivers to attend and participate with their students (siblings and friends are welcome too). We will have a variety of stations including using Lego to print your own Black Lives Matter at School poster, adding your drawings and thoughts to a collaborative mural banner, making a Lunar New Year take-home craft, information on the 13 Principles of Black Lives Matter at School, a Look in a Book table to check out some resources for students (and adults), and a potluck snack table with fresh fruit and lemonade (bring some fruit to share!) This is a great chance to socialize with other families and share in a celebration of joy! If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help out at this event helping serve food or assist with art making, please get in touch: We look forward to seeing you there!

Volunteer Opportunities

SPS Open Enrollment Tours:

TC needs you to share your school spirit and experience with prospective incoming families for next year! As an option school, Thornton Creek participates in the open enrollment process each January and February, when families look at all their school choices. An integral part of this process is school tours, which are coming up late January through February. We need approximately 10 volunteers per tour to help (feel free to sign up for more than one). All volunteers are welcome and appreciated!

Yearbook Creation:

Our Parent Group is looking for a small and mighty team of volunteers to support yearbook development through Spring with our project lead, Sarah Tien. Activities will include cover art and page design, recruitment of photos, and a special section for 5th grade. To learn more, contact Sarah at

Kindergarten Classroom Help:

Volunteers are needed to regularly help in K classrooms one or more mornings M, T, Th or F 8:30-10:30 am. Please indicate your availability on the google sheet document.

Please volunteer!: Interested in volunteering at TC but unsure how to plug in? Please contact:

Annual Appeal Success!:

Thank you TC Community for making the Annual Appeal a success! You financially contributed $100,000!! And you supported our community building family expedition to learn about dragonflies and helped to make our community’s dragonfly art project to be installed later this year! Congratulations to the winners of the Dragonfly Raffle: Joe Groseclose, Duncan Valdmanis, Cecilia Choi, Yug Zalewski, and Emmett Stumbaugh!

Chess Tournament at Decatur Elementary:

Decatur Elementary is hosting a chess tournament Saturday, January 28th with rounds beginning at 9am and continuing until the awards ceremony at 4pm. TC students are invited to join! To learn more and to register online, or if you have questions, contact Ravi Kakkad / Libin Xu: