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    TC Site Council May 2018 minutes
    Jonathan Gasbar, ,Evan Briggs, John Miner, Robin Belz,  Dana Bright, Ginny Alleman, Jac De Haan, Mardi Brekke, Cathy Reidy Liermann, Tanya Thackeray Wilson, Tina Watkinson, Mim Turnbull, Lisa Calvert, Cassie Condon, Steve Chavez, Liz McCormmack, Tristan Oshorn, Stacy Earlywine, Malia Oliver, Leslie Kot, Roger Taylor, Anna Fahr, Amelia Mcgee, Jeanne Gleason, Angela Hyland, Jenny Stewart, Karen Wirkala, David Swanson, Melissa Sire, Maria Callahan, Marina Woodall, Nicole Bowers, Julie Hooser, Liz Benko, Kim Caughey
    LaKrista -  word from the Staff
    Thanks for feeding us (teacher appreciation week), and feel free to do this always :)
    This year has been complicated, appreciating this community and the volunteering that allowed kids to flourish. The community because relationships with each others and the supporting adults. This year there was communication missteps - staff dedicate building leadership team and building expeditionary learning support system for staff. 
    Thanks for sticking with us and we continue to navigate growth and change.  
    Principal report - John
    Enrollment - 
    In good shape for hiring but still need to fill remaining positions. 
    A few more student added to Social Ed - full enrollment preK-5, adding a second SPP+ preK inclusion class to our school community next year. Thanks to the added funding, had the opportunity to hire, still need to hire more positions. We have recommended a second grade teacher - Phoebe has accepted that offer (been job sharing). 
    Also been able to hire Magen montage 4th 4th grade teacher. Visual arts position - 2 almost full time teachers as our enrollments expanding. We recorded new hire - Piper Carling joined the staff. About to hire more IA’s. 0.5 councilor - entering back to interview process.  We need to ask for additional teachers for resource room Special ed. There’s a been recommendation made - follow up interview for second AP (assistant principal). 
    Lots of discussion about site council and bylaws - schedule small group of BLT and SC leadership to discuss this. 
    Here to welcome Jonathan, new principal. 
    Treasurer’s Report - Robin
    Review projected budget proposal for 2018/2019 school year and go over line by line item. We want to pass the budget (vote) in June site Council site council meeting. Last year in the sprint we did a lot of work to reduce the budget to scale to something more sustainable, we also didn’t know how the annual appeal would go which would be great - not a lot of changes. Targets would stay the same for walkathon 40K & annual appeal 140K site council budget. Scrip program bringing in 10K. Should we increase target for annual appeal since we are adding more students?
    Should we consider Special ed 50K position? We’d be gaining by about 40 kids. 
    Should we consider timing of the annual appeal? Why are all the asks in the fall? Hard for families but also need to know budget is taken care of. WE could consider to move since it was successful. There’s also an option for PayPal monthly donation. 
    Academic assistance - around 90K - we cut it the most - moving to 100k accounts to the two additional classes next year. 
    0.5 position counsellor position we pay the district. Laurin staying half time and the district is funding another 0.5 counselor for K-3. 
    Library - budget is back up to 6K. Policy was to add budget for new classrooms. 
    We will have a new nurse next year (current nurse retiring). 
    Staff training - we could reduce budget since we were hosting the responsive classroom training but with the new administration we can increase the budget but needs better definition. About $800 per person for responsive classroom learning raining. Steve and a few other provide training for expeditionary learning.  About $2000 to send a staff member to the national convention. 
    Building issues need fixing. 
    Safety and signs so we can put into budget? We need an estimate in the next few weeks.
    Scholarships - make sure new teachers know to communicate these are available even for small things like $5 for winter bazaar and class photo.
    We need a 5th grade line item relating to graduation expenses etc. 
    Talent shows/dance parties/special ed committee increased funds
    PTA equity fund 
    Committee Reports 
    We gathered emergency supplies for all the classrooms, most of these will expire end of this year, we will donate to the U district food bank and need to get new supplies.
    We are awaiting a traffic study on 40th and then possibly have budget from the city for stop signs and/or flashing lights. Let’s make sure we all follow the traffic patterns and slow down. Consider adult volunteers at drop off, maybe fund this like other schools. 
    {District Relations}
    + Talked to Jill Geary about pathway from SPP to school - SPP as tie breaker before lottery. We need to sign up for task force - in progress. 
    + Hiring process - talked to Sabrina - interested in bringing transparency to the process and person to replace - they want to bring that to the district.
     + Creative Approach Alliance - this is now critical - reach out to option schools and creative approach schools, making sure the status is protected. Let’s put on the agenda for next month.
    + Facebook page - getting larger and larger - close to 600 members, people who left the school/graduated - proposing, need to lock it down to current families and encourage others to join alumni. Let’s table this for next session or reach out to Cassie over email. 
    + We can potentially make the committee chairs admins. 
    + Community corner to the newsletter that will share stories about volunteering in the school and encourage participation. 
    + Dance party - May 24th, 6:30-8:00, We have a DJ booked, We will probably have cakes for food and have a quiet room for kids who need a quiet space and will need volunteers with setup and cleaning up.
    {EDI-HIP Update}
    Packing day moved to a new day - May 24 was not working for 4th and 5th graders. 
    Also book drive in the last 2 weeks of May for Olympic Hill elementary, to collect books for the summer, last year collected hundreds of books. 
    {Special Ed}
    Equity giving happening again in the next couple of weeks - take 25% from what the class collects to the rest of staff that don’t have assigned classes
    Staff Report - Phoebe & Julie
    + Huge thank you for the appreciation week events. Thanks you so much for food and flowers and cards.
    + Tomorrow is dress as a character day.
    + Athletic skills and arts night is on May 10 on Thursday, please don’t come hungry, no food available in TC. We need help to hand the artwork. 
    + Starting to think about expeditions for next year - Steve is leading this effort
    +  Tadpoles as part of the expedition in Phoebe/Julie’s class
    BLT Report - Dorothy
    We usually meet once a month and have thoughtful discussions. We worked to approve the BLT bylaws, ament decisions making process, coordinating expeditionary learning workshops and work sessions.
    Chair’s Report - Evan
    I wanted to acknowledge it’s been a tough year and transition and it’s very normal that we’ve had struggles, especially how many people are involved and passionate. The hope that we come out stronger and learn a lot about the community. Let’s move on in optimism and positivity.
    Q&A with Jon (new principal)
    Feeling grateful for John and Kristen supportive and welcoming in the transition, big shoes to fill with John, looking forward to working with Kristen next year. Lots of passion with the students. I believe strongly in the community. I believe strongly in equity in giving opportunities to students from different backgrounds and learning styles. I’m excited about the philosophy about expeditionary learning, working with the whole child and every background. How do we help kids to own their learning and find what motivates them. 
    Humility - I will make mistakes, I will ask for grace and with the challenges in the big building and increased student population. 
    Hope to set up time to meet families by grade levels and attend some of the events during the spring. 
    **Discussion on what’s makes Thornton Creek special - people shared stories.
    Approval of April minutes
    We will vote to approve April, May & June minutes next month