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    March 2018 meeting minutes 3/13/2018
    Attending: Evan Briggs, Cheryl Summerlin, Kaori Tanaka, Ginny Allemann, Lisa Calvert, Maria Callahan, Melissa Sire, Lisa Anacker, Mardi Brekke, Cindy Spencer, Jenny Stewart, Tami Mack, Cassie Condon, Liz McCormack, Sandra Brettler, Jay Gilydas, Moriah Love, Jac de Haan, Tanya Thackeray Wilson, Jessica Wasse, Tina Watkinson, Piper Carling, Courtney Bell, Christina Pizana, Erica Seddig, Jenny Pinto, Melissa Alexander, Jenny Cugier, Julie Shin, Sandy Shamley, Karen Wirkala, Amelia McGee, Nicole Bowers, Stacy Earlywine, Jeanne Gleason, Emma Swanson, Erin Shade, Robin Belz
    Principals Report
    Budget-increased funding and additional new hires-3 full time at K-3 BLT has discussed and recommend .5 counselor, 1.0 behavior spec, .8 literacy-put cindy in k-3 funding stream; .7 k-3 math specialist
    In addition .5 pcp staff member and target visual arts
    .5 core certificated plus .2 lap for math and literacy intervention specialist for 4-5
    2 APs to hire
    .5 counselor site council now  and she will move to working in 4-5 and the other .5 from district will go k-3 EIM-instrumental music
    1 general ed for 2nd grade
    1 new hire at 4th 
    Missing full allocation for special ed-- holding off on assignments to SpEd until open enrollment is completed; likely to be fully enrolled in SpEd after open enrollment which means will need a budget revision to fill that staffing-mid to late April when student assignments come out.
    Funded at 20 22 26 K/1 split to draw down 
    Budget-- Robin
    Now that we have building budget, we can start working on parent group budget-- no hard cuts like last year. Budget seems stable.
    -funding a .6 counselor this year
    -4/5th grade support may not need this year
    Mid-year funding request-wrapped up and will notify those that requested funds.
    Still looking for co-treasurer-- made job descriptions for other positions for finance committee to circulate at upcoming Volunteer Coffee.
    Committee reports
    SpEd/Parent Enrichment- On March 20th former counselor at Eastside Prep giving a talk on anxiety. Talk is free--donation requested. Childcare available.
    Mardi (District Relations)--Jill Geary amending assignment plan for SpEd preschool kids to flow through to TC. She encouraged people to join district task force.
    Can sibs of TC students get preference to SPP? City is not set up to do it (cross reference SPS enrollment).  Hoping to send to a vote and making amendments that would hand enrollment over to district.
    No update on superintendent search.
    Ginny Alleman- BLT (Building Leadership Team) co chair with Lisa Calvert. 
    First year for BLT team at TC. BLT is a representative democracy with principal, 5 SEA staff and a parent rep (currently Lissa Armato). Decision making body for school staff.
     (handout) In process: formed committees, making bylaws, getting a process for parent rep, professional development plan for next year; currently meeting everyday (because of principal search) but hoping to go to once a month next year. Make up of committee is supposed to rotate between different staff; all teachers are on the different committees and members of the BLT head the committees.
    Wednesday- training on working with students with disabilities
    Thursday- grades 2-4 author visit
    Open Forum
    Wednesday night BLT received emails from the District about interviewing, even though BLT initially contacted them about it in Feb. Don’t know why there was such a delay in getting a response from them. Interview/hiring process is truncated and will happen 3/24. At this point it’s most strategic to hold grievances and focus on following quick timeframe to get best possible outcome. 
    No emails to people downtown (ie the District office)! Will make process look biased or unfair; in which case Superintendent will either scrap process and start over or appoint a random person. No asking Kristin questions about the process. We cannot advocate for Kristin specifically.
    BLT came up with desired characteristics in a new principal; Helen (from the District) sent a letter with how many people can be involved-2 parents included-focus on diversity (parents on the hiring committee will be Christina Ellis and Kaori Tanaka); surveys being distributed tonight. Helen’s assistant, Alex, will go through surveys searching for themes in parent feedback and come up with top 5 characteristics we are looking for in our new principal. Hiring committee decides on top 2 or 3 candidates and those go to superintendent who makes final decision.  
    Survey (handout)-same for all schools in the District. Not tailored to TC. Must return by next Wednesday 3/21.
    2-AP-is all internal hiring.
    Broke into small groups to discuss what we are looking for in a principal. Notes from that discussion attached. [SEE BELOW]
    Approval of Jan and Feb minutes
    This encompasses the brainstorms of many small groups, including everyone’s thinking. It is not organized, sequenced or categorized in any particular way.
    We want a principal who:
    •	Looks at the community to figure out what positions to hire for so that teachers and kids at the school will feel supported
    •	Listens to the teachers
    •	Behavioral (social/emotional) support as a key strategy to reduce the opportunity gap
    •	Takes action
    •	Is thoughtful and intentional with new hires
    •	Chooses to be here
    •	Believes in keeping our option school status
    •	Has some experience with option/creative approach, will continue to support
    •	Had worked with a Site Council rather than PTA
    •	Present physically and emotionally
    •	Invested
    •	Approachable
    •	Views learning as on a continuum, not an isolated moment, throughout time here
    •	Shared leadership, multiple stakeholders solving problems
    •	Integrity, sincerity
    •	Supports parent involvement -- someone who can come into a larger school and help with relationship building, community building, drawing families in
    •	Cultivates support for teachers, get more parents into the classroom, more support and eyes – warm fuzzy + boundary setting, lovingly but firmly set and enforce boundaries to support kids, teachers, community, parents
    •	Makes safety a priority but also lead in creating more cohesive community
    •	Who understands we do have real achievement
    •	Facilitates shared decision making and participation in a large community
    •	Includes teaches and families in that shared decision making
    •	Advocates and fights for increased racial and ethnic diversity in our community
    •	Advocates for special education and twice exceptional children
    •	Has really good understanding of navigating growth from a particular model to something else while maintaining integrity
    •	Has long term planning skills – strategic planning that reflects our community now
    •	Can influence change across a whole community
    •	Has experience at a large school – delegation, communication, managing 
    •	Is informed about Expeditionary Learning and Responsive Classroom
    •	Supports the different kinds of learning that occur across the District – not one kind of education works for everyone – places for all kids to have their needs met
    •	Supports differentiated instruction
    •	Sees the parent community as advocates / allies, will harness that energy
    •	Is a learner