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    Site Council TC June 2018 Minutes
    PLEASE NOTE: Meeting Minutes for the June Site Council meeting were not taken in an official manner due to an absence of several Site Council Officers. Additionally, to date, the attendance documents for this meeting have not been recovered.  The notes below are compiled from several meeting attendees and committee reports and/or statements that were given during the meeting. Meeting note contributors (Julie Clayton, Evan Briggs, Kaori Tanaka) compiled by K.C. Potter de Haan, August 2018.
    New Hires for 2018-19 school year - John Miner
    SPP Pre-K, IA SPP Pre-K. K Interviews (offers to be made), K-3 Early Literacy Intervention (Debbie), K-3 Behavior Interventionist (Daren Downs), .5 K-3 Counselor (Katie Runions), 2nd Grade (Phoebe), 4th Grade (Megan Montenaga), 4-5 Math/Spelling Specialist Interventionist (Bridget Deruse (sp?) of UW), Assistant Principal (Kim Sciarrone), Special Ed Allocation - restore 1.0 IA FTE (restores displacements, not increase) .4 reaching increase in resource, 1st Grade Job Share secured. 
    Treasurer Update
    Tim Fonkin will be treasurer for next year. Big thank you to Robin for the past 5 years. Flowers and  gift were given to Robin as thank you.
    Safety Report
    If you’re interested in joining the committee they think about traffic safety, bike routes and walking routes. SDOT did a traffic safety study on 40th during drop off and pick up times - results some time this summer.  Traffic calming measures depending on results.
    EDI Committee Year-End Report - Jay Mas Gilvydis 
    Giving full report due to community concerns. Focused on aligning our procedures for the EDI policy, which is on Thornton Creek website. Framework has 7 main components. As well as sub components.   
    * Started HIP this year- raised 850 food packages= $6400.00 of goods.
    * Shout out to Cindy in the office for her help and help from Mim’s class
    * Olympic Hills book drive for kids summer reading to keep. Thanks to Shawn LeValley’s class to help with book drive.
    * Organized hygiene bags for Mary’s place 
    * Relationship/partnership with Sand Point Elementary
    * Jay also CO-facilitates with Regional EDI committee as well as here
    * Thanks to Laurin Taylor and Scrip table for getting cards
    * Organized families for MLK march and school walk out
    * Build capacity to transform admin and staff practices and supported admin and staff in race related issues
    * Established BIRP with Kristin- Bias Incident Report Protocol
    * Analyzing survey 
    * Advocated for MLK assembly
    * Provided reading resource list for parents at home
    * Supported admin and staff in hiring community and some of us participated in hiring process as well.
    * Jay is stepping down, Angela is stepping up. Tone shaming is a way of silencing unprivileged people of voices and ignoring the message. Please help Angela come together to move forward next year and be successful. 
    A full 2017-18 Annual Report for the EDI Committee can be read here
    Joint statement from Evan Briggs and Christina Ellis, read by Evan:
    Our vision for Thornton Creek is that it is a truly welcoming place for each and every child and family that walks through its doors, a place where everyone- especially the most marginalized among us- feels their voice has been heard, their needs met and their feelings respected. All of the decisions we’ve made while in these roles have been guided by this mandate. We have acted with integrity and according to our consciences- and we will never stop doing this work.
    The unfolding of recent events leaves us feeling unwelcome in the community we showed up to support, the many hours of work we’ve poured into this job so easily discounted. We are deeply concerned about the precedent this sets for all future parent volunteers. Instead of the support we could have used throughout the year, as we have both juggled jobs and family along with the significant demands of running Site Council during an especially tumultuous year, we feel we are being driven away. This goes against everything Thornton Creek is supposed to stand for, and everything we teach our children about the importance of cooperation. We know there are many of you in the community who share our concerns.
    For these reasons, we cannot in good conscience continue to preside over this meeting, and recuse ourselves from any further discussion surrounding elections.
    Evan and Christina left meeting so as to not take part in the election conversation feeling they were unwelcome and being driven away. They feel the way they were treated and feel worried about precedent it sends to future parent volunteers.
    Jon Gasbar
    At meeting last night, met with current and future site council leadership. The group was unable to come to a joint  decision. Therefore, it was decided to refer back to the bylaws.
    Mardi Brekke
    By Friday June 15th, people who want to run for election should have their names and picture so the community can see who is running for elections. An evening election will be held on June 19th. A motion was going to be made to not do it in the evening, but with Evan and Christina leaving we do not have a quorum.
    Tanya Wilson and Liz Benko have authority from Evan and Christina to act as proxy if needed.
    A motion was put out to hold off and change the dates. No one has seconded that motion. Someone asked for a rundown of what was going on.  Discussion is continuing to happen regarding of John’s statement that we stick to the bylaws.
    Stacey Earlywine gave a statement regarding what has been happening and how she tried to facilitate a coming together and how it wasn’t able to work. Discussion has to stop happening. Stop trying to find the loophole that will throw the other side off. Just stop. 
    Jon Gasbar said he wanted to advocate for everyone working together over the summer and hold an election in the fall. That idea was not agreed upon last night. Therefore he said to go back to the bylaws. Question was asked: What was agreed upon last night. Jon Gasbar’s answer- to go back to the bylaws. 
    Point of clarification: about dates for fall elections pushing us to mid- October and who will run Site Council until then? Answer- current chair and co-chair.
    Point of clarification: Did Evan and Christina actually step down. 
    Greg- leaders facilitate cooperative nature they do not make the decision. 
    Motion on the floor- pushing election date to mid-October
    Motion failed 
    Issue needed to be discussed
    New motion: having the vote on June 19th
    Motion questioned due to whether or not we can have a motion to go by the by-laws. 
    Question- what is the conflict and how can we vote if we don’t know the root cause. 
    Answer- this vote is not a vote on what this conflict is, it’s a vote in leadership.
    Further discussion…
    End motion on the floor, 24hrs more notice for more people to put their names on their ballots. Motion Failed. 
    Meeting time has expired 
    Moving forward with names submitted by June 1st and the vote will begin Thursday night and run until June 20th with results being communicated in a special newsletter by June 21st.