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    Site Council TC February 2018 Minutes
    Participants - Evan Briggs, Christina Ellis, John Miner, Robin Belz,  Dana Bright, Ginny Alleman, Jac De Haan, Mardi Brekke, Cathy Reidy Liermann, Tanya Thackeray Wilson, Karen Wirkala, Tina Watkinson, Janel Ostren, Joshua Colwell, Mim Turnbull, Lisa Calvert, Cassie Condon, Nicole Bowers, Emily Wong, Lisa Anacker 
    Principal Report - John - 6:35
    * Significant program change at the preK level next year - we’ve been assigned to have a second SPP class in TC next year - this will be possible due to the removal of SPP special ed program, though the preschool would still have students with IEP’s. 
    * I’ve asked the superintendent to appoint Kristin Baily to principal vs. interim-principal. This is with support of the staff. I would recommend that the site council writes to the district. The district is very cautious about appointing principals to option schools.
    * We will also have an assistant principal position open if Kristin is appointed. 
    * Budget will be public will February 28 - since the state has allocated additional funding to SPP, looking at providing additional k-3 teacher or counselor. This will remove the need for site council funds for counselor and will also be FT position. 
    * Our projected enrollment — we will continue to grow one grade level each year until we are at 4 classes each grade level. 570 total students projected not including the preK kids.
    * We need to interview and hire a new 2/3 teacher and 4/5 teacher for next year. 
    * The district is using option schools to help with the enrollment pressure - class size ratio for district as a whole are much lower than in option schools. The way we worked around that is doing a K-1 class. 
    * Projected class sizes currently at 26 kids a class for grades K-3, 28 for grades 4-5 
    * PreK classes at any school are not counted as the budget even though those student are getting services - advocating to get budget for them for resources like nurse etc. 
    * Also recommending priority above lottery for pre K families to K.
    Treasurer’s Report - Robin - 6:50
    * Things are looking good in terms of budget - close to 90% of annual appeal with the monthly payments. We had $50K in matching money including UW & Microsoft employees which is very exciting - this will be a growing trend. Thanks to those who worked on securing matching donations!
    * 4th grades families are supposed to pay for only half the musical instrument program and there was confusion around that, so families were overcharged - hopefully families received their refund, or will soon.
    * We need to create another day for the instrumental music program (not Wednesdays when we have early dismissal), should start the search for the new teacher. 
    * 94k for academic assistance, we spent only ~50K, big reduction
    * Big increase in scrip money- thanks to scrip volunteers for pushing it!
    * Deadline was last week for mid year funding process - a week or so after mid winter break we can respond, we got a lot of requests.
    * By March or April we will have preliminary budget for next year.
    * Stepping out of this role by the end of this year, documenting the work, Lisa will step up and we need a new co-treasurer. It will be great if we could have a finance committee. Realistically we need to think about parent volunteers that can help with this more. 
    Committee Reports - 7:05
    * Want to make sure special needs kids are aware they can enroll for enrichment. 
    * We also need a new co-chair volunteer. 
    Volunteer Coordinator 
    * Tomorrow the monthly tea/coffee for volunteers to learn about opportunities. 
    * We’d like to use the paid version of sign-up genius for all opportunities, it helps with hours tracking. This can be good to track how many hours ppl are putting in and help people plan ahead. 
    * Communication from teachers coming from too many different platforms — should we consider “schoology”? vs. shutterfly, bloom, etc. It’s ADA complaint and better password protected. Would be great if we had one system. 
    * Big project - HIP - hunger intervention project - 
    * Started moving all the boxes. Schools usually send 100 packs and we will be sending ~600 packs. We did a press release and now Fox News etc. wants to come to the school to cover the event. Volunteering slots are full but we won’t say no to anyone. 
    * We had a meeting with solid ground community (Brettler Place down at Magnuson) but no one showed up. 
    * Parent education night coming for emergency properness, scheduled for Tuesday next week - not sure about the date since it’s a holiday. Also need to check about childcare
    District Communication 
    * SM4 services - TC is now acknowledged as K-5 school for SM4 services vs. 1-5 classes
    * Superintendent search - should families be able to know more about the process? Write and share your thoughts with the district.
    Staff report - Ginny - 7:20
    * Thinking about Safety and changes for how students get into the building, changing after recess, kids better supported as they move about the building
    * 56 4th & 5th kids participated in the global reading challenge, ~10 qualified for the final
    * 1st graders and K will be doing whistle stop dance on March 21nd 
    * We will have an author through an independent bookstore in Ballard, nocturnal series, after the science fair.
    * Every week 4th and 5th graders go and volunteer at the food bank
    * Science Fair is March 14th 
    Chair’s report - Evan - 7:30
    New vice chair! Christina Ellis.
    PTA vs. Site Council update
    We should remain as site council, if we join the PTA you get discount at a few random places but every member has to pay to join which will reduce the chances of people participating. 
    PTSA Equity
    * Attended the meeting Jan. 27th - they are still very much in the early stages of trying to pinpoint solution to inequity (which is exacerbated by PTA fundraising) — very long term project.
    * For next month site council, one of the women who started this initiative from Montlake elementary has a presentation about the history of redlining in Seattle and legacy of that today in the form of inequity between schools. I’d like to invite her to come here and present. I’m hoping we can advertise this for March 13th- next site council meeting. 
    Spring party/family dance night
    * Fun event in lieu of the auction for adults only. This will be in honor of John’s retirement. We are scouting for location for the party. Late April or Early May. If we want to serve alcohol we can’t have it at the school. And we want to keep the price low. We can potentially have small businesses that can sponsor some of the food or drinks. 
    * There would still be a dance party with the kids in TC. Kids “John going away party”. Heather Sorenson organized it last year. Cassie would be in charge. 
    Approval of January Minutes - 7:50 
    We have to table the January minutes vote since we don’t have enough staff members today.