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    TC Site Council May 2018 minutes
    ***Attendees at the bottom
    Kaori - chair -
    Welcome everyone! We will have an unofficial meeting today since a lot of people are away on vacation.
    Introductions and updates
    Kaori, site council chair this year, I want to put systems in place so things are streamlined and roles are clear,and make sure I’m accessible to all families. This summer I’ve had a chance to meet w/ most chair, a lot of good ideas floating already.
    Elizabeth - vice chair - I want to make sure processes are transparent. Ability for people to become involved, I’ve sent out an email that we should start using Slack this year. Please send out list of committee members and I’ll add
    Will Gould - district and government relations, in w/ Mardi, will check with the other members. We will reach out to other schools so we can work together with them and the district
    Amelia McGee - facilities - doing indoor, lost & found under my authority. I need to check w/ the other person that was doing outdoors.
    Lisa, teach 5th grade, Need to be in charge of facilities as part of BLT
    Ginny - librarian - excited about new things coming to the library. We will have an area like “maker space”.
    Lisa - co-treasurer - working with Robin to transfer the work and looking for volunteers for the finance 
    Satcha - chair of curriculum committee and enrichment/education activities for parents.
    Chelsea - co-chairing the hospitality committee with Jenny, got an idea from Heather that did this most recently. First week is the busiest. We’re looking for ideas for additional ways to make ppl feel welcome.
    S - not on any committee, wife starting to teach art.
    Julie - co-teach first grade - looking forward to start the new year.
    Jacob Kosman - had 2 kids go through this school. I run a team of 4ppl for the school website under the guidance of KC
    C - have 2 second graders.
    M - incoming K parent!
    J - fourth and K incoming
    L - 3rd & 1st graders. 
    Dana - secretary 
    KC - communication chair, hard at work this summer. Website team, evergreen content, excited to get the new calendar to get everyone ready for events. We are working w/ Kaori’s goals - streamlined to get the information, we got a google non-profit account with emails and store files so we can pass things year-to-year - meeting that setup. The newsletter is working towards a responsive designs so people that are reading on mobile have an easier to read. We might need to make edits to the newsletter so it’s shorter and linked long docs. We are also working on getting the site council minutes accessible to get them up on the website. 
    **Piper typed up all the info for all the events and what needs to be done by when. KC to connect with her.
    Leslie - 4th grader and 2 second grader, chairing volunteers committee with Tracy. We need to understand how to get information from families and volunteers like hospitality etc. We met several times, we have a signup genius for signing up for volunteering opportunities across the year. My hope that late fall everything will be ready to use. Volunteering survey that was sent out first day - labor intensive - now we want to transition to the sign-up genius vs. the form. 
    **Will teachers be able to use that? Room parents? There might be a limit of 25 users. I still need to learn the tool and the potential. 
    Robin - 4th grader and 9th grader - I don’t have an official role, I was the treasurer for a while, still transition things to Lisa and Tim and I want some role in the finance committee to help with busy times.
    Cathy - rising 3rd and 5th grader - After years of the vice-chair, helping with special education committee and other special events like annual appeal.
    John - rising 1st grader - I think there are opportunities to help with community and culture, especially with incoming families, I’d love to chair that committee or be on that committee. Probably taking over from Piper. 
    L - my wife Anna Farr asked to come for her, 4th grader.
    Jen Chan - 7th grader and 5th grader - I might volunteer or volunteer my husband.
    Megan - co-chair of enrichment committee (after school), my son will be in first grade. 
    Lissa - chairing the fundraising committee - I have a 3rd grader and 5th grader. I want to streamline everything so annual appeal will be the main fundraising event, might be in the spring. It’s important to let families know how the fundraising is done. I’m really fun so if you want to be on a committee join me.
    Beck - member of special ed committee in the past 2 years - we want to make sure that families know about us and what we want to do. We want to advocate for what we need and hold educational events. We want to make sure people know about us. Special ed committee for any service your kids might be receiving, including IEP and 504. There was education series about
    M - 3rd and 5th graders, not on any committee 
    Stacey - co-chairing with Leslie
    Alys - 3rd and 5th graders, not on any committees. I think I signed up to be in charge of the Harvest festival. 
    A - 3rd and 5th graders, no committees
    Kaori - if you want something on the agenda feel free to email me or in the mailbox @ the office. 
    Newsletter registration - 
    We can get Cindy to send something on behalf of the school so people will sign up to the newsletter, as well as from emails from K teachers. KC to coordinate. 
    KC - note on facebook - I’m now the admin of the group - talking to Kaori and Elizabeth and Jon Gasbar, this should not be the official channel for communication 
    Jacob - domain I maintain the aliases. Every year I update the - that can be a vehicle for communication needs. First day packet is always accessible via the website. This is my last year doing it so I’ll need someone to take over and lead up the website team. Text only pages please due to ADA compliance. 
    **We still need the yearbook committee chair position open
    Equity diversity and inclusion committee update? No update today as no one from that team is here - not official.
    All volunteer open positions are up on the website. 
    Chelsea - no planning yet for the picnic for that first or second week. 
    Lisa - We can communicate that picnic details via the teachers - first day communication. 
    September 12th will be the next site council meeting (second Wednesday of the month instead of the second Tuesday)so it does not clash with holidays. Site council always starts @ 6:30 pm.
    *** Attendees Malia Oliver, Stacey Seifert, Alys Wylen, Andres Hermosilla, Elizabeth Corman, Kaori Tanaka, Will Gould, Amelia McGee, Ginny Allemann, Lisa Calvert, Lisa Anacker, Satcha Dearborn Graham, Chelsea Lin, Jenny Pinto, Julie Clayton, Jacob Kosman, Tina Watkinson, Steve Carling, Chandra Mullenix, Michael Krafve, Jac De Haan, Leah Preston, Dana Bright, KC Potter De Haan, Leslie Kot, Robin Belz, Cathy Reidy Liermann, John Finelli, Lynwood Montgomery, Jen Chen, Megan Treiman, Lissa Armato, Beck Weinhold, Jessica Avellone