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    Participating in Site Council, the governing body of our school, is a terrific way to get involved in your child’s school, meet great people, and make a difference in our school community.

    Officers hold office for a term of one year beginning in June. If you are interested in holding an office, please contact the Site Council chair or by June 1.

    Everybody is encouraged to participate!


    2nd Tuesday of each month
    6:30 to 8:30 pm
    Please check calendar to confirm!

    Site Council meetings are open meetings. Childcare can be provided if arrangements are made at least one day before the Site Council meeting. To make arrangements, contact the Site Council Chair (email on right)

    Meeting agenda for next meeting

    Click here for the agenda for the next site council meeting although it could possibly be for a past meeting, and we haven't had time to update it yet. Check the month on the top of the page to be sure.

    Meeting minutes

    For minutes from past years, visit our Site Council meeting minutes archive page.

    School year 2018-19

    August 2018
    September 2018
    October 2018
    November 2018
    December 2018
    January 2019


    The Site Council is the administrative body representing the 501(c)3 organization named Thornton Creek Parent Group.


    Chair: The chair provides agenda and presides over all meetings of the Parent Group and Site Council, calls special meetings, and appoints special committees as needed; performs all acts and duties usually performed by a presiding officer.

    Vice Chair: Supports the chair position, and in the absence or disability of the chair, performs the duties of the chair.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for budget, keeping and disbursing of all monies of the Parent Group, and manages a committee to ensure accurate books of accounts of all transactions of the Parent Group.


    Site Council committees and their functions are described below. Committees with voting rights are noted with an asterisk.

    Communications Committee*

    • Maintains the Thornton Creek website.
    • Produces the Thornton Creek newsletter, directory, and handbook.

    Curriculum Committee*

    • Organizes parent education events about expeditionary learning and other curricula used in our unique program.
    • Compiles and produces the yearly expedition newsletter.

    District Relations Committee*

    • Monitors proposals that are under consideration by the Zone and School District.
    • Fosters and maintains relationships with other schools and educational groups.
    • Represents the views and concerns of the Site Council to the larger Seattle Public School community.

    Enrichment Committee

    • Coordinates before- and after-school activities with parent volunteers and vendors.
    • Compiles and distributes registration information at the start of each session.

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity  (EDI) Committee

    • Plans and implements school-wide diversity events for students, families, and staff.
    • Supports and encourages discussions about diversity at Thornton Creek to facilitate understanding and celebration of differences.
    • Read more about EDI's purpose and goals.

    Facilities Committee

    • Proposes and implements improvements to and maintenance of facilities, including landscaping, water quality, and earthquake preparedness.

    Fundraising Committee*

    • Plans and coordinates events to raise funds to support Site Council programs.

    Grant Writing Committee

    • Identifies and seeks funding from a variety of sources to support specific programs at Thornton Creek.

    Hospitality Committee*

    • Organizes the welcoming events for new families.
    • Plans a variety of appreciation events for teachers and staff.

    Recruitment and Hiring Committee

    • Plans and coordinates recruitment of staff members for Thornton Creek.

    Safety Committee

    • Organizes Health and Medical Safety Committee.
    • Organizes all disaster preparedness, including earthquake supplies.

    Special Education Committee

    • Supports community building among and advocacy on behalf of families of students with special needs.
    • Promotes inclusion of students with special needs in all school activities.
    • Plans and coordinates parent education events relating to special education.
    Site Council contacts (2018-19)

    Kaori Tanaka

    Elizabeth Corman

    Dana Bright

    Co Treasurers*
    Lisa Anacker
    Tim Fonken

    Building Use Permits Coordinator
    Andrea Klarman

    KC Potter de Haan
    – Jacob Kosman
    – Anna Marshall
    – Vincent Célié
    – Jenny Sanders
    – Molly Shumway
    – Beth Anderson
    – Erik Macki
    – Emily Mitchell

    Culture and Community

    Satcha Dearborn Graham

    District Relations*
    Will Gould

    Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity (EDI)
    Angela Hyland

    Katya Stelmakh
    Lisa Berman
    Megan Tremain

    Indoors, Amelia McGee
    Outdoors, Tres Tracy Ballon
    Lost and found, Beth Hartell​

    Lissa Armato

    Chelsea Lin
    Jennifer Pinto

    Christine Kurc

    Recruitment and Hiring
    Anna Marshall
    Elizabeth Duffell

    Jessica Knaster Wasse

    Grant writer
    Tristan Osborn
    Anne Arnett

    Room parent coordinator
    Stacey Seifert

    Scrip coordinator
    Leslie Cary
    KC Potter de Haan

    Special Education Committee
    Julie Shin
    Beck Weinhold

    Volunteer coordinator
    Leslie Kot
    Stacey Seifert

    Yearbook Coordinator
    Becca Neumann

    *Position or committee has voting responsibility.