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    All about Thornton Creek PTA


    Thornton Creek PTA’s mission is to support the education, health, welfare, and safety of ALL students by engaging and empowering families and educators and establishing strong collaborative partnerships in our wider community.


    The TC Elementary PTA recognizes the race, equity, and social justice challenges of our community. We are committed to leveraging our resources to build relationships and establish and strengthen partnerships within our school, among our families and in the broader community. We are committed to aligning with Seattle Council PTSA, WA PTA and national PTA to advocate for equitable opportunities for all students and their families. We are committed to ensuring PTA leadership reflects the diversity of our school and the broader community.

    We are committed to advocacy, community, collective learning, and reflective growth.


    In alignment with national, state and local PTA objectives, Thornton Creek PTA will center our work on ensuring the success of ALL children with a commitment to collaboration, diversity, respect, and accountability.


    In our founding year, we will strive to:

    • Build relationships with other local PTA organizations in Seattle through direct interactions and joint events;
    • Plan advocacy, community building, and service learning events for our members in coordination with Site Council and our PTA partners;
    • Provide safe, welcoming, color brave spaces for our members; and
    • Build community within Thornton Creek through family-friendly membership meetings.

    Learn more:

    Still have questions or would like to become a member? See the FAQ below, fill out a membership form, contact us at, or come to our next meeting.


    Question 1: How do I become a member of the PTA?

    It’s easy! Sign up using our membership form and by submitting a check for $15 per member or come to a meeting and sign up in person. Once you have received your electronic membership card, be sure to take advantage of the numerous member benefits including discounts on rental cars, printing, tickets to local events, and entry fees to things like the Great Wolf Lodge and others. Visit: for more specific information about the many PTA benefits!

    Question 2: Why have a PTA at Thornton Creek?

    The Thornton Creek community is incredibly resource rich. However, Seattle Public Schools has the 5th largest white-black achievement gap in the country which is undoubtedly exacerbated by inequitable resource distribution. Public schools throughout the state and country experience a variety of challenges related to resource equity that limit the success of students. In alignment with the mission of national PTA, state PTA and Seattle Council PTSA, TC PTA feels an obligation to apply some of the abundant resources of our community to advocacy for ALL students within and outside our walls.

    Formation of a PTA gives Thornton Creek access to a wide range of organizational resources, trainings, networking opportunities for staff and parents, and much more that is not offered for independent parent organizations. By focusing on advocacy to support ALL children, we can bridge an important gap between the Thornton Creek community and other local, regional and state student advocacy groups.

    As our enrollment expands, we feel it’s important to provide a variety of options for families to engage in our community. We hope to provide welcoming, safe, color brave spaces in which we can build community around a common interest in education and child advocacy. There are currently more than 133,000 members of Washington State PTA and it is the largest volunteer association dedicated to education, health, welfare, and safety of all children in Washington State. When you join PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.

    Question 3: Can I belong to both the PTA and the Site Council?

    Yes! And we encourage you to do so. Also, because PTAs are rooted more widely in community, members of our broader community can also join, even if they do not have children at Thornton Creek. Some of our PTA members are even members of more than one PTA.

    Question 4: If I join PTA what will I have to do?

    As much or as little as you like; by simply joining you are adding your voice to the PTA. The general membership of the TC PTA will meet only three to four times per year, altering the day and time to engage more families. TC PTA meetings will typically start with a shared meal for families, either directly purchased or through pot luck, offer an update on programming, and include an activity for the entire family. Between meetings TC PTA leadership will communicate with members through kid mail, website or classroom listservs. The TC PTA will solicit small donations only for specific mission driven purposes immediately before events. Funds will be allocated in line with our mission. We will be establishing a variety of mission driven committees as our membership grows and we encourage all members to find what they are passionate about within TC PTA and contribute their ideas and time in ways that align with their interests and values.

    Question 5: How does the PTA work with staff?

    In our first year, the PTA will work closely with school administration to roll out programming and align activities to school, district and state initiatives. Additionally, the PTA will be building bridges to neighboring PTAs and schools to identify opportunities for shared partnership activities and to better support students in our wider community.

    Question 6: How is the PTA run?

    The PTA is run in accordance with national PTA governance. We have an elected Executive Board consisting of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The Executive board appoints chairs to additional committees. All positions are either elected or appointed for one year. If you would like to chair a specific committee or work with one, please contact We welcome all volunteer support and participation.

    Our current board includes:

    • President- Christina Pizana
    • Vice President- Kristy Copeland
    • Treasurer- Jac de Haan
    • Secretary- Leimomi Felice
    • Membership Chair- Tanya Thackeray Wilson