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    Parent Group Annual Appeal 2019-20

    Over the years, Thornton Creek's Annual Appeal has grown into the major source of funding for the Parent Group's annual operating budget. Our former spring auction was increasingly expensive and tedious to execute by parent volunteers, and at the same time, it became clear that the parent and caregiver community was poised to support Thornton Creek through a school-wide giving campaign. Our community goal is 100% participation. Please read on to learn why your contribution counts!

    Give Today (PayPal)

    2019-20 Parent Group Budget

    Academic Assistants $100K
    Counselor $67K
    Music $15K
    Expedition and Student Support $18.2K
    Site Council Admin and Bookkeeping $18K
    Staff Training $6K
    Scholarships $8K
    Lunchroom Support $3K
    Library, Art, PE $9.5K
    District Equity Fund $10K
    Other (including childcare funds) $6.5K

    Why We Fundraise

    SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL Through the Annual Appeal, the Thornton Creek Parent Group (that’s YOU) raises the money to continue our school’s unique academic mission, our arts programs, and more.

    BOOST TEACHER IMPACT Academic assistants team up with our amazing Thornton Creek teachers to provide critical classroom support.

    SUSTAIN EXTRAORDINARY LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES The Mary Cooper Library, the annual Winter Bazaar, engaging classroom expeditions — these important programs help make up the fabric of our school. Without your contributions, these and other programs are not possible.


    Your participation, at any level, is critical to the success of this year's Annual Appeal. Every student benefits from your generosity and that of other parents, caregivers, and community members. Families can opt to make a one-time gift or to make monthly installments through PayPal. All parents, caregivers and community members are invited to participate. Every dollar is a gift and every gift counts.

    Make Your Participation Count

    1. Look for the PURPLE Annual Appeal envelope to come home soon with your student, and return it with your donation.
    2. Contribute a one-time donation or set up monthly payments through PayPal. If you prefer to write a check, make it out to "Thornton Creek Parent Group" and write "Annual Appeal 2019-20" on it. Checks should be delivered or mailed to the office. For  details, see our Donate page.
    3. Set up a series of monthly payments through your financial institution.
    4. For those who are eligible, apply for employer matching funds.
    5. Volunteer to help with the Annual Appeal by contacting us at
    Questions? Email