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    SITE COUNCIL 11/12/19

    Attendance: Chelsea Lin, Elizabeth Duffell, Amanda Cronin, Alys Wylen, Jen Scalfani, Jennifer Lowe, Angela Suh, Amelia McGee, Tristan Osborn, Kristen Eason, Satcha Graham, Stacey Seifert, Sarah Tien, Katie Zisserman, Mike Alexander, Erin Gomez, Robin Belz, Christina Pizana, Anna Farr, Jesica Avellone, Kaori Tanaka, Jacob Clark Blickenstaff, Tim Fonken, Greg Lorenz, Keri Kochuar, Melissa Sire, Marina Woodall.

    Intro: National indigenous people’s month, land acknowledgment

    Katie: Harvest Festival was great, thanks to the 4/5 team. Conferences coming up, make sure you get signed up with your teachers and make sure you are prepared to ask questions, since this is your only chance to have an official conference. Nov 25-27 are the official days, but your teacher may offer other dates. Parents, this is a chance to give insight into your student to your teacher. Progress reports are coming up Dec 10th, they will look the same to families as previous years except that you will see an insert for the science section since we are doing a slow roll out of the new SPS science curriculum. Moving away from term “behavior” and more toward social-emotional framework—difference in the comments (no long narrative comment section, rather short comments in subject areas). District will be sending out this info to parents.
    We will eventually get the Amplify program here, we don’t know exactly when. Possibly 1-2 years out. Elementary version is less screen-heavy. Teacher resources are online but not meant for kids to interact virtually.

    LIBRARY: Book-It theatre, “My Name is Celia” performance is tomorrow, Book Fair at Third Place Books Lake Forest Park is 11/13 from 2-8pm, including crafts, snacks, and a Mod Pizza fundraiser. Global Reading challenge started this week, kids will be reading books first. So far lots of kids are interested in 4/5. Will have final numbers by Friday. We will need volunteers to help the teams (about 10 teams of 7 kids/team).

    NEIGHBOR CONNECTIONS: Parent Lori Dennis: Families who live further away from school would love to connect, carpool, set up playdates. We are hoping to find ways to help connect people, help each other bike/drive to school. We have a page on the website called “Getting to TC”, you can opt in and get a basic map showing where people live and ages of kids. Doug will send an email introducing the page, eventually put it on the FB page and newsletter. This would be a great resource for emergency pick-ups, etc. Commitment to helping people commute might help widen the community.

    SCRIP UPDATE: No Scrip this year, as last year’s volunteers are no longer available. If you’d like to coordinate going forward, let Jessica know. Is there a way to make this an online sale? PCC was the best one, because you bought one card and then refilled it at the store, school got 5% back. Possibility of doing it just for collective gifts for teachers at holiday/end of year. We need a volunteer—Erin Gomez steps up! Woot Woot!



    CURRICULUM - Jesica Avellone: What is TC on 11/4 was a great discussion, good turnout from k/1 parents, interest in a stand-alone evening on Responsive Classroom and how parents can use these concepts at home

    VOLUNTEER - Stacey Seifert: At the first room parent meeting and orientation, we distributed a booklet for room parents to share with teachers, especially for new teachers. Slow roll out for parents, emails will go home twice a month. We are looking for a k/1 talents night person (Mark Cooper will do 2-5, and can be a resource for other volunteers), the 2-5 event will be at Nathan Hale in March, k/1 here at TC around the same time. We will be able to help event leads to make flyers, sign up genius links, etc.

    EDI - Greg Lorenz: Next Monday 1/18 is our first meeting. Going forward we will meet monthly on the third Tuesday of the month but for winter break and spring break, where we will meet on the 4th Tues, spring break. Looking for involvement from the community. We will look to refine the EDI definition in bylaws, define our goals for the year (internal and external). Maintain a safe space to bring EDI concerns to school.

    HOSPITALITY - Chelsea Lin: Sign up for Pie day is live. Spread the word. Biggest staff ever. We need 115 desserts. Tour season is coming up, Chelsea needs someone to volunteer to coordinate the tours. She can work with a new person to transition and help planning. Tours are usually end of Jan/beginning of Feb.

    MUSIC UPDATE - Jessica W-N: Please see the letter from Mary K, which will be sent out to the community this week. Conversations have been happening all fall with her. Mary K has decided that she cannot work with TC for now. It doesn’t align with her own projects. For now, she won’t be here. She will let us know when/if she will be able to reconnect. She will not be at community gatherings (monthly all-school assemblies) moving forward. One or two events with Mary K will be planned for the near future to help offer an opportunity for closure.
    Next Steps: Parents and teachers who are passionate about this might be able to brainstorm/research options for music artist in residence.  Hoping to get some music enrichment by January. Possibly each grade band could work with its own artist to reflect expeditionary work. Doug can help connect volunteers with the SPS Creative Advantage Program. Elizabeth Duffel, Christina Pizana, Jesica Avelone and Kaori Tanaka volunteer to help put this list together.

    SAND PIT UPDATE - Tristan Osborn: Tammy and I have been communicating with Decatur community and district to try to collaborate and come up with a solution to make the pit conform to SPS policies and procedures. Plan is to remove the sand, fill with ADA compliant woodchips, 4 bins 4x4 feet, 21 inches tall with built in removable covers, $1500 shipping for bins, we will fill with something like sand, dirt, pebbles for digging. Covers will have to be kids’ and parents’ responsibility. Goal is to get the fence down asap first, phase two is long-term. Some ideas include more seating, as well as others.

    TREASURER - Tim Fonken: Move-a-thon wrapped up Oct 31, extended one week, $27,500 for now (goal was $40k). We budgeted last spring for $30k, so we are doing pretty well! In other news, Doug and BLT agreed to put the 0.2 staff funding that would have been for 4/5 intervention with the 0.3 we already had with counselor so that now we have a full-time counselor.

    4th GRADE MUSIC PROPOSAL (see handout): 4th grade teaching team has worked out a proposed musical enrichment option with Matt Mitchell, a TC parent who is also a private music teacher. In collaboration with staff, he has designed a 12-week program for 4th graders called “What’s Music to Your Ears?” He is able to offer the full program at half his normal hourly rate ($50/hour) or offer one half of the program as volunteer time. The class would feature introduction to various musical styles and instruments and would have a musical petting zoo to enable students to consider which instrument they might be interested in learning in the future. The total cost of the full program is about $1765. Lisa Calvert: The proposal was created before it was known that Mary K was not returning and was meant to help the situation in which this year’s 4th graders were largely unable to participate in orchestra music instruction following the budget cuts. 4th grade teaching team would like to now consider this proposal in light of the new landscape. The TCPG budget allocation for Mary K is $15,000, which can now be redirected to other musical enrichment ($2,500 per grade). One option is that each grade band could choose to use their portion in a different way.
    A parent wondered about potential conflict of interest, asks about process for making decisions like these. Some parents contend it’s a 12 week stop gap measure to bring in a professional artist so that the 4th graders get some exposure to music this year, while we look for a long-term solution to this gap. It is noted that a rate of $50/hour is very affordable, much less than we would typically pay for an artist in residence. May allow the money to go further. We could also start with part 1 now, while the rest of the building discusses what to do now that Mary K is gone, and then decide about part 2. Doug: Maybe we need to leave this on the table and come back in Jan to discuss the whole school’s situation. Lots of mixed feedback. If we leave this till January, we may end up with a whole year of no music for this grade band. Doug’s goal would be to make a decision at Jan SC and BLT meetings, provided that a working group can come up with a “menu” of options. Possibility of proceeding with Matt as a volunteer for now or 4th grade might choose to go ahead the first 5 weeks for now with $500ish for their budget and then reconvene is Jan.

    EDI LECTURE PROPOSAL PREVIEW - Jessica W-N, Christina Pizaña: Christina, Jessica, Kristy Copeland and Greg Lorenz have been talking about planning parent enrichment events this year on topic of equity. A budget request can be expected next month. Families of Color Seattle organization offers a 2 hour lecture/workshop in Jan for $1500, workshop on undoing racism and teaching equity, other topics possible. Fleur and Jodi (of The Riveter) offer a lecture on Northwest communications styles and how racism can play out here. Available in March for $1800. Several questions and comments were put forward. Could we work together with other schools to share schools and space and partner to share cost (i.e. Hazel Wolf)? How do we pay for this? EDI budget is something like $400 for the year. The cost is more than any one committee budget can cover. Is there a process for deciding who decides who comes to lecture if spots are limited? Families of Color website says that no more than 50 people can attend workshop, and also states that $1500 is a discounted rate for schools with a lower budget than ours. Would this rate apply to us? Parent recalls that last year a lecturer came for $500, though her normal rate was $1500, since we are a non-profit. We could consider “passing the hat” at the event to try to cover a portion of the costs. What if that doesn’t raise enough funds? Prior events had a few parents who were willing to donate if we couldn’t collect enough money. More discussion to come.

    ANNUAL APPEAL - Satcha Graham: Purple envelopes will be coming home in kid mail on Monday the 18th, running through. We are hoping to raise $175k-200k. Lissa Armato is my silent partner. Special edition newsletter forthcoming.

    WINTER BAZAAR - Robin Belz: The winter bazaar will be Friday Dec 13. We will have pizza for sale after school, a cake walk, live music, classroom projects in music room, alums and parents can sell, sign ups started today. Room parent emails coming soon. Deadline for sign ups is after Thanksgiving. Check out tables again this year to help kids count out their money and make their 20% donation to the school. Food sales have to wait to be sold for 30 minutes after school ends. Parents need to give permission for kids’ artwork to be sold as notecards. Room parents should get 2-3 parents per room to help with clean up. After 5pm we need helpers to put all the tables and chairs back where they came from. Cash allowances for during the school day: $5 for K-2, $10 for 3-5 is their school day limit, scholarships available, we will discuss at staff meeting tomorrow.