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    Fundraising at Thornton Creek is unique, just like our school community. We don't ask children and parents to sell wrapping paper, candy, or cookie dough to neighbors and coworkers. Instead we raise funds through:

    What fundraising supports

    Fundraising is critical to the Thornton Creek program. The Seattle Public School District provides funds for most program staff and some supplies and materials. Fundraising sponsored by the Thornton Creek Parent Group supports most everything else, including:

    • Academic assistants in every classroom
    • Music, including vocal music and instrumental music
    • Academic coaching—for example, reading assistance for grades 1 and 2
    • Arts and expeditions
    • Playground supervisor
    • Library
    • Technology and equipment
    • Teacher career development—for example, in expeditionary learning
    • Scholarships for field trips, camp, and other school activities
    • Pie chart showing Thornton Creek Parent Group budget for 2018 and 2019: academic assistants, 100K; counselor, 54K; choral music, 58K; expedition support, 16K; Site Council admin, 17K; staff training, 9K; community equity fund, 10K; scholarship, 12K; library, art, PE, 9.5K; playground and lunchroom support, 6K; morning safety, 3K; other, 12.5K.