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    General Games & Interesting Sites

    NATIVE PLANTS for all grades

    TIDE POOLS for Room 7

    SALMON for 2nd Graders

    CORAL REEFS for 4th Graders

    Ranger Rick Animal Facts

    Non Fiction Minute

    Woodland Park Zoo Animal Fact Sheets (choose a type of animal, then select animal fact sheet from the drop-down menu)

    National Geographic Maps

    NASA for Kids

    Nine Planets Tour of the Solar System  — Make word clouds

    Punctuation Games (September 24 is National Punctuation Day!)

    Article: mini library!

    Graph Generator

    Wikipaintings for Fine Art

    Jon Scieszka’s Website… Have a question? Ask Beef Snak Stik

    Mo Willems’ Website

    History of the English Language from the BBC

    Scale of the Universe

    Beautiful Libraries

    Construct-a-Word (Read Write Think)

    Storyline Online (listen to a story!)



    Hand Clapping Rhymes

    Keyboarding Skills

    Test your typing speed and practice your skills!

    Dance Mat Typing (BBC)

    Articles and Websites Used in Library Time

    A to Z List of Inventors

    Wikipedia List of Explorers

    All About Explorers: Age of Exploration Guysbut WATCH OUT!  NOT everything you find on the Internet is true! Do not use this site for research!

    National Geographic Explorers List

    Journey into Time Immemorial (Room 8)

    National Geographic Lewis & Clark Expedition

    Indian Education Office

    Smithsonian Infinity of Nations

    Native American Fact Sheets

    Puget Sound Sea Life

    Science Buddies (find a science experiment)

    PBS: A Science Odyssey Human Evolution Activity

    Animals of the Pacific Northwest (Room 8)

    Kitty Cams from University of Georgia

    NY Times article about outdoor cats January 2013

    Humane Society Cats: Indoors v. Outdoors Indoor v. Outdoor Cats The Outdoor Cat

    Elections Links

    Election Pathfinder (by Mary Bannister)

    Washington State Place Names Database

    U.S. Presidents Information Links

    Global Surface Currents

    Beachcombers’ Alert

    Name the states games Traveler IQ Challenge… how far are you off? NEW! You have to type in the state name. multiple choice name 50 in 10 minutes  Drag and drop states

    Graphic Organizers for Note Taking