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    Site Council December Meeting Minutes 12/11/2018

    Minutes Recorded by Lisa Anaker

    Tim Fonken; Matt Radosevich; Angela Hyland; Robin Belz; Megan Tremain; Lori Miller; Anna Farr; Christina Pinzana; Paige Reischl; Whitney Gregory; Tristan Osborn; Bridget Osborn; David Simonton; Liz Benko; Amelia McGee; Ginny Allemann; Chris Ledford; Erica Seddig; Julie Clayton; Andrea Mann; Stacey Seifert; Robyn Haggerty; Michael Alexander; Matt Schocllhamer; Melissa Alexander; Mari Brockhaus; Satcha Dearborn Graham; Cheryl Lorenz; Leslie Kot; Cathy Reidy Liermann; Lissa Armato; Jenny Pinto; Alys Wylen; Alissa West; Chelsea Lin; Kerri McKeighen; K.C. Potter de Haan; Susie Bunker; Elizabeth Corman; Mardi Brekke Hutchings; Anne Arnett; Anna Marshall; Sarah Dacine; Will Gould; Kaori Tanaka; Lisa Anaker

    * Welcome Message (Kaori Tanaka)
    Welcome to anyone who is new to site council.
    Thank you to Piper, LaChrista and Wendy Linton for making the kindness tree.  Maybe we can use sticky notes as flowers for messages of thanks, kindness, etc.?
    Approval of November meeting minutes-no corrections-all consent and agree

    * Principal's Report (Jon Gasbar)
    Staff-expeditionary learning Professional Development coming up in January, Lisa Love gender professional development also coming next year.
    Sylvia bumping up to 0.6 from 0.4 FTE (Full Time Employment),  new IA (Instructional Assistant) for access program=4 IAs in program.
    Question on audit - central admin sending someone/a team out.

    * Treasurers Report(Tim Fonken)
    Budget to actuals-moveathon-$26,269 under goal of 32k, corporate match of 6k. approx. $990 expenses. Expenses-business as usual-chorale and instrumental music, AAs (Academic Assistants), Nova as bookkeeper.  AAs-will become “hourly tutors” SPS (Seattle Public Schools) will bill us quarterly for time tutors spend working. We cover gross pay to 15.55 and we pay for payroll taxes. This was not budgeted for last spring so we either need to bump budget or cut hours in the spring.

    *Announcements (Kaori Tanaka and Elizabeth Corman)
    We need a new secretary! Please email Kaori or Elizabeth if you are interested.
    Planning meetings moving to first Monday of the month.
    Working group forming for community equity fund of 10k. Leadership, treasurers, Will Gould, Satcha Graham, EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity) members, Sped (Special Education) members. First meeting is Monday the 17 after school. Will bring their ideas to the community and then move forward. Anyone who would be interested in this work can email Elizabeth . If you can’t attend, you can also send suggestions to Elizabeth.

    Potlucks, parent education, etc. please leave the rooms you use as you found them.

    New TC (Thornton Creek)  PTA (Parent Teacher Association) forming-SC (Site Council) and PTA leadership are working on a way to move forward.

    Kaori’s email is
    Elizabeth’s email is

    *Teachers report (Ginny Allemann)
    Thank you for the pies; molasses cookies; Library-hour of code this week and last week;
    Mac Barnett is coming to TC-he writes chapter and picture books, Staff Race and Equity team is working on the MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr) assembly;
    Though we did not get selected for the race and equity program, staff have been going to the classes. Jon Gasbar, Megan Montonaga, and Ginny Allemann went to the institute and took classes at Chief Sealth-keynote by Tracy Gill and Concie Pedroza and Superintendent Juneau spoke.  
    2nd grade team - Salmon eggs are 1 month away; getting tank ready soon;
    1st grade team -  studying water cycle, building terrariums, water moving through our bodies, mercer slough to see forms of life in water, conserving water,  
    Julie Clayton - congratulations Tammy Mack and Ginny Allemann who recently got their national board certification.
    Mim Turnbull - recognizing Robin Belz for winter bazaar- thank you for all your hard work.

    * Communications committee (K.C. Potter de Haan)
    Thank you to the team of people who work on newsletter; looking for domain account holder, got a lead on it this afternoon; updating newsletter submission process, when drafts are needed, when finals are due, etc-email coming to regular contributors, occasional contributors-check website. Content for weekly-limit to 200 words;
    Meeting with EDI for setting up more web resources for them and checking to see if that will work on the district website. Parent enrichment has voiced some interest about posting on lectures that happen for families who can’t make it. We are working on setting some norms in communication channels, working with SC and PTA;
    5th grade interviews starting with Lisa Calvert’s students-they have interviewed Jon Gasbar  and Chris Cordell; Kim Sciarrone and Twinkle Ramos are next; next class will be Mim Turnbull’s interviewing new staff and then Robyn Haggerty’s will follow.

    * Hospitality (Chelsea Lin and Jennifer Pinto)
    Pies-thank you to everyone who donated;
    Next event is school tours happening on January 22, 24, 29, 31 at 8:15 and  Feb 5th  in the evening. Feb 13th as back up for snow;
    February 15th open enrollment begins, signup genius coming for volunteers to help with giving tours-would like 10-12 volunteers-crowds vary between 30-100; the evening tour is shorter and will check on structure to see if older kids will be helping on evening tour.

    * Parent Ed
    Aidan Key preview of upcoming parent ed night Gender Diversity - provides support to families whose children are exploring gender in some way; Close to a dozen groups and a thousand families who have gone through the groups; has worked with schools for just over 10 years not only in Washington but California, Oregon, Colorado among others;  how do we create inclusive environments for these kids? How do we create language for gender expansiveness?   What do I say? Should we talk to kids? What ages? How could they know when they are so young? What if they are exploring? The conversations we can have with kids is the easy part. What is more challenging is how adults communicate this with each other. Admin is usually concerned about helping support teachers and giving them age appropriate language to discuss, how to talk with other parents. You need to pull apart gender from sexuality-independent of faith, cultural norms. Example-what do I say to the children if a kid says “Why is joey wearing a dress? That looks really stupid.” You say, “because he loves that dress; it’s his favorite dress and we don’t call stupid at our school.  We talk with kindness and respect.” Simple responses. This example shows how we can get stuck and not be able to pull out the actual tools we already have.   Conversations with kids-“Who are you? What is important to you that people can’t see?” Makes powerful and brilliant discussions. Crucial to honor every family and child from every walk of life and how do we do that when there are religious or cultural differences. How do staff have a discussion with a distressed parent? Areas of conflict-bathrooms, locker rooms and overnights-we should step into these conversations.  

    How do you find families? This organization is sought out and word of mouth
    People who identify as “they” step more into those questions, kids look at gender more as how they are told things are gendered and they can’t have anything that isn’t their gender.  

    January 23rd here parent ed night.

    * Volunteer committee (Stacey Seifert)
    Mark Cooper lead for talents night 2-5 and Daniel Desosri will head up talent night for k-1; concern about required volunteer hours- there is no required volunteer commitment-messaging around this has been removed;
    Suggestion from the audience-a video request for volunteers to break up monotony of text; May be putting out a survey to see how people are feeling about volunteering. Input from audience- tours-last year was giving out information about 40hrs being required.  Audience suggestion of having room parents letting parents know the consequences if we don’t get volunteers.

    * EDI (Angela Hyland)
    Thank you Bridget Osborn for bringing Aidan on Wednesday January 23rd ; this event will be open to greater community-invite friends, preschool teachers, etc.  want to help out organizing? contact Bridget Osborn; something will come in kid mail, posted on website, something that can be sent out to friends.
    Tomorrow night-some members of EDI will be going to the Friends of Salmon Bay event-“Countering Whiteness” featuring -Tracy Castro Gill with Jon Greenberg, 6:30-8:30 at Salmon Bay School; EDI will continue discussion at their next meeting on the 20th.

    HIP (Hunger Intervention Project)-Aileen Murphy and Holly Kounalis  are heading up- the HIP packing party and is on track for having 400 food packs. Still need adult volunteer help putting together food packs.

    Mary’s Place collection-thank you for contributions over thanksgiving break, thanks to K.C. Potter de Haan for driving it down there

    Also, thanks to K.C.  for newsletter work.  thanks to Kristy Copeland who will be helping with communications for EDI now. January-parent ed blurb coming in newsletter-maybe a one line definition with a link to a video (YouTube)

    * Parent Enrichment Committee (Satcha Dearborn Graham)
    Dates coming up
    January 23rd Aidan Key
    Feb 26th Learn love speaks-Identify and Speak our Child’s Love Language
    March 26th-Kristy Strauss Sustainability: Rethinking Lost and Found
    April 23rd  Dr Kelly Moore Anxiety talk with documentary
    January 16th Special Education  transitions to Middle School night

    Any way to make all parent ed nights more accessible? Video? Coordination at the committee level?
    Secretary for parent ed nights?

    * Winter Bazaar (Robin Belz)
    Thank you Andrea Porter and Tina Watkinson; 12:30-2pm - 135 booths in gym selling and at the same time classroom will be selling at booths in music room; After school adult/TC alums vendors in commons; pizza sale by 4th graders, cake walk on stage, live music (4-5 kid Eckstein combo of tc alum);  Renting tables for the first time; special newsletter with volunteer signup link, check out table, all vendors contribute 20% to parent group/ASB (Associated Student Body). Table also staffed for scholarship-email winter bazaar or stop by booth. No food sales until 3:00pm as well as food being sold. All food sales into lunch room.

    * Fundraising (Lissa Armato)
    Annual Appeal January 23rd, looks a lot like last year. Envelopes in kid mail, 210k goal, corporate matching; 608 families

    * Decatur Annex (Elizabeth Lunney, Decatur PTA President and Tammy Heldridge) Proposal to take it to a landmarks board; there was a hearing in November and now it will advance to a meeting on January 2nd, a few neighbors worked on proposal. 3 in favor 2 opposed at the November Landmarks committee meeting; public opinion emails-encourage early feedback by Dec 28th. District-SEPA was approved and the district has their own landmarks person. More info including history and feedback email will be posted to Facebook and in the newsletter

    * TC 5th grade boys LVR soccer will go to the city finals on Saturday