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    November 13, 2018 Site Council Meeting
    Notes Taken By Cathy Reidy Liermann
    Attendees: Morich Love, Jennifer Grant, Kim, David Simonton, Chelsea Lin, K.C. Potter de Haan, Jenny Pinto, Chris Cordell, Jen Chan, Anne Holland, Kathleen Elsenboss, Tina Watkinson, Alys Wylen, Jenny Stewart, Katie Runions, Jessica Wasse, Satcha D Graham, Julie Clayton, Erin Shade, Liz McCormack, Stacey Seifert, Kaori Tanaka, Susie Bunker, Lisa Anacker, Joy White, Cathy Reidy Liermann, Cassie Condon, Mardi Brekke, Rebecca Neumann, Nicole Bowers, Katie Zissermann, Marina Woddall, Tim Fonken, Becky Hausmon, Chandra M.
    Chair calls to order 6:38 pm
    *Chair says having a hard time with next message, but continues:  expresses sadness and support for people dealing with grief around Tree of Life tragedy. Gives her pause to reflect, learn and grow and be better neighbor for all. Chair says that at end of committee reports there will be slightly different structure to end of meeting, and that SC will work with admin for better communication surrounding crises such as Tree of Life tragedy Chair asks for corrections/amendments to Oct minutes; none, so minutes are approved
    Principal report: 
    * Piggy backs off Chair's statement in support of families grieving Tree of Life tragedy to reiterate support and future efforts to support people Principal asks each to turn to person next to them to share something positive about their students or themselves and then we’ll share out (actual personal sharings not recorded) Principal update on Nova situation (Lunchroom Staffing Shortage): any SPS employee can support Nova in lunchroom, so that’ll be scheduled into some staff person’s day asap Treasurer asks if newly SPS-employed AAs can do it, and Principal says yes.
    * Race and Equity:
    While not selected as a school to receive a coach, we can send 3 staff to trainings and some Wednesday PD (Professional Development) learning 3-Year Plan: TC’s Race and Equity team will do visioning for school, including more community input beyond just school; end of Nov will be book discussion meeting Crossing guard funding – don’t have anyone hired yet. Bus pick-up and drop-off: continuing to gather input and consider all affected people for plan for next year.
    * Mediation: Principal had passed on referral for mediation to involved parties and KC Resolution Center Coffee Chat: downward trend in many categories over last 3 years; ideas to figure out include quick interim surveys, anti-bully, school-wide trainings. Parent asks Principal to clarify what mediation topic entails. Parent adds context: lot of fracture in our school community and so some asked district for help in bringing community back together Parent asks if 3-year plan includes plan to change boundaries and draw in more people with more diverse backgrounds: Principal answers he doesn’t think so, but January will begin community input and that could be raised then.
    Treasurer’s report: 
    Abbreviated budget to actuals report (hard copies passed out). Questions surrounding individual committee budgets. Walkathon funds look to be coming in under expectation. Parent asks about corporation donation/matches line item whether it’s specific to Walkathon – answer “no”.
    Communications Committee report: 
    Mentions that folks need to set “push” or “auto update” or calendar won’t update for individual subscriptions. Newsletter stats: ~1050 subscribers; 178 new since September; 50-60% actually open newsletter. New email addresses for various committees/events (including EDI, Winter Bazaar, etc). Last week Chair sat with six 5th graders from Lisa’s class to set-up for staff interviews that will be published in newsletter. Chair reached out to leadership to brainstorm a document outlining what types of information this committee should disseminate, and how (set-up norms for future years). Working with EDI committee to help them define what a public-facing web design might look like so they can share/post info/resources. Parent asks where this webpage will be hosted: Chair says might be an external site with address. Parent asks if there will be a gatekeeper to ensure district policy is not violated: AP says district audits regularly and will just shut it down if noncompliant. Facebook: trying to define what Site Council’s role is with FB page; trying to ensure it echoes already disseminated info so that non-FB folks don’t miss anything.
    Safety Committee report: 
    Reiterates funding for a crossing-guard; has fliers and asks help in recruiting; 20-hours/week at $15/hour Flu-clinic this coming Friday; snafu with permission slips (vendors switched, so new forms); parents and staff welcome to vaccinate, too; thimerisol-free vaccines available; still need one more volunteer 8:15-11:15am this Friday. Kinder parent reports on grant-writing: just submitted SDOT mini grant for bike fairies, flag replacements; uncertain status on bike rack plan; mentions multitude of grants we could apply for and a lot of them could be good expedition grants ($200-1500), enviro advocacy, aeronautics, aviation; she’s willing to help teachers apply for next year; mentions library grants; nutrition grants; someone brings in fresh food for several days to introduce different foods to kids at lunch; plenty of STEM grants. Parent asks if we could partner with underserved schools to utilize our expertise to help them find grants, or we partner in getting grants together. Parent mentions repeat conversations about maintaining collaboration with other option schools, and how these mini-grants might present the opportunity to establish collaboration: another parent responds with name of parent who knows contact at Cedar Park; discussion ensues about how best to establish consortium with other Option/CAS schools Communication Chair segues back to safety: mentions traffic rerouting that happens tomorrow and 35th AVE traffic will now come down 40th; need to make sure folks are aware. Intersection painting project: pushed back to summer 2019.
    Facilities Committee report:
    Indoor Co-Chair: has reached out to teachers about storage and heard back from majority; storage is problematic: book room has 19 shelves available but 26 teachers and really only 2 boxes fit per shelf; varying usage; storage workarounds involve using shared spaces; proximity to classroom is preferable; Co-Chair proposes a standard set of cupboards in workrooms for each teacher; Co-chair offers to help teachers get rid of stuff, too.
    Lost and Found: Parent Ed evening in January “Story of Stuff”esque; still open to exploring ideas/suggestions for how to mitigate. K-1 and 4-5 workrooms will have work parties to re-org/tidy up.
    Enrichment Committee: no report
    EDI Committee report: 
    Committee member presents in lieu of Chair: have had 2 meetings since last SC meeting; meetings every 3rd Thursday in Commons 6:15-8:15pm; well-attended meetings; going to work on community building (eg, paired sharing) and norming (community participatory approach; eg, exercise on dialogue blockers); committee looking at two organizations from which to invite 2 speakers – one is on gender diversity and hopefully will present at December SC meeting; FACES group – PTSA equity topic; soliciting input for other speakers; budget uncertainty; working on childcare for meetings; Communications Chair asks if parents can donate specifically to cover childcare for committee meetings; Treasurer says yes, and it doesn’t need to be on budget – parent could just pay babysitter;  teacher asks to ensure child care for all committees – everyone agrees; Mention of high-schooler community service hours and using that as means of getting sitters. EDI parent returns to committee work and reports on card-making for Tree of Life last Friday; will continue HIP packaging work with new parent lead; new EDI communications lead, as well; upcoming projects include soap and toiletries collection after Thanksgiving and Winter breaks for donation to homeless service centers; Trans Awareness week is this week and while nothing planned this year there will be stuff for next year; Mentions emails from parents to EDI members about EDI statement that parent gave about FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) at start of year; EDI folks involved can’t respond until District concludes what they’re going to conclude on the matter.
    Fundraising report:
    Chair reports we’ve raised ~25K with Walkathon representing far less than expected. Annual Appeal is coming after new year; requests team members. Parent asks for clarity on difference between SC, TCPG, ASB; Chair explains and another parent suggests to come in spring to learn more about budget planning. Another parent says we shouldn’t put out an expectation of per-family fundraising needs or even per-family volunteer hour needs b/c of equity issues, and disincentive when family can’t meet expectation. Veteran parent talks about need to transfer school traditions, event meanings, and talks about how this loss of history affects fundraising. Parent asks if kids are learning in class about traditions. SpEd Teacher puts out there the idea that as an option school we shouldn’t lose commitment to volunteerism; other parent says that when you can’t give the time asked of you then you might just not give any time, and that’s counter productive. Site Council Chair says that we are moving away from specifying hours for volunteerism and asks that we hold ideas until end of meeting when we can brainstorm. Communications Chair gives a plug for Scrip and highlights how easy it is to donate using Scrip.
    By-Laws Working Committee:
    Chair talks about how SC and TCPG were not clearly defined in by-laws and how the committee is trying to maintain in one document all the legally required rules and procedures for the State of WA for the corporation; take out SC Rules and put into separate document; more time consuming than expected; whether social norms should be laid out; how to define consensus building; next meeting after Thanksgiving.
    Yearbook Committee:
    Chair mentions need for 5th grader photos for both yearbook and slideshow; mentions that photos should simply represent your child to avoid challenges associated with kids adopted later in life and/or kids that have transitioned. Questions about photographers for events: so far one mom and one dad have done it and they wore badges; suggestion that we maintain an archive for historically archiving photos.
    Staff Report:
    Reminder to sign up for conferences. GRC launched with 91 students and 13 teams; Feb 5th is in-school challenge. Harvest Festival was success. Hour of Code is coming up. 4/5 students work at Food Bank. Special Ed teacher reports staffing update: Access is inquiring with district about additional IA; Resource is now at 57 students and 59 by end of week and they just hired new teacher at 0.4 FTE from QA Elementary; still warrant additional staffing according to student numbers with uncertain outcomes at this point; Distinct program is fully staffed with substitute IA positions; Pre-K is fully staffed; discussion ensues about specific %FTE allocations remaining to be filled in various programs. SC Chair asks parent to talk about a new Marker Recycling program – that parent isn’t here; all markers can be recycled in boxes to be placed throughout school, even markers from home.
    No time for “Chalk Talk”
    Parent ask for description of what was planned for the Chalk Talk; SC Chair mentions volunteerism and other ideas to be discussed community-wide; posters to be left up for parents to write on between now and next meeting. Chair says Ombudsman position is now vacant; Room Parent Coordinator changed.
    Next meeting Tuesday Dec 11th
    Chair Adjourns meeting 8:28pm