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    Site Council October 2018 Minutes 
    *Participants below*
    6:30 - Call to order - Kaori 
    6:40-6:45 - approval of meeting minutes
    * June meeting minutes -
    Do we have all the info from that meeting? We tried to gather as much as possible given
    there was no one officially taking notes. Noted correction to Evan and Christina section
    and indicate within the minutes that this is an incomplete set. Any objections to
    approving the minutes. The minutes are approved pending corrections. 
    * September meeting minutes - 
    Any corrections proposed? September minutes are approved as distributed. 
    **Report of Officers**
    Principal’s report - 6:45-7:00 - Jon 
    * Thanks for everyone that helped organize the Move-a-thon, Rainy but successful event. 
    * The TV isn’t connected to any computer, we can buy a computer but then we can put it on the floor. I’m working with Mike on the list of things that weren’t finished to connect with Mike from the district.
    * Recess - a plan in place - upped supervisors - 6-7 ppl, clear recess expectations and calibrating with all the staff and sometimes it gets crowded - working on students safety.
    * This week - Wed/Fri I’ll be taking the 3 year Race & Equity draft plan that was created, presenting to staff and taking input then presenting to community and get their input before.
    * Race and equity interview for staff on Friday - application that we asked for race and equity training for our staff - we have an hour long interview on Friday. We will hear back end of Friday. If our application is not accepted,
    * We will still have support from the district but not the 2 hours a month on Saturdays for staff. 
    * Book study with entire community, thinking about the Blind Spot. Thought that a common book that people can relate to, Kim and I will be doing that, giving guiding questions for discussions. 
    * Thursday Superintendent is inviting people of color to a community events - flyers on the table.
    * First coffee w/ principal on Friday, I also want to do an evening event. We have a lot of strengths for creating a welcoming environment, focusing on name, whole child, responsive classroom, community. Areas of growth - race, gender and equity, affinity groups, communications around what’s in culture assemblies and developing problems tools. 
    * Next week - Speaker from Harborview about sexual misconduct.
    * Staff training w/ one from EEU about inclusion. We will also do race and equity training.
    * The parking lot at the front is a bus only zone - we need to think about how to stop people from parking there. 
    * Creative approach school application? We don’t need to reapply - we applied a while ago, there’s no reapplication since we just needed to show we are doing what we said we will do.
    * Recess decreased with third lunch - some kids are complaining - there are mixed reviews - We have feedback from the staff and we can review. It’s hard to feed everyone and share the space with another school. The outside space is utilized almost every single minute. There’s a 10 minutes reduction in total recess time currently - Lunchtime recess was30 minutes, and now is reduced to 15 minutes recess. 
    * Would be great to follow up with Conci from the district as she mentioned supporting the community - sounds like a grant was given to develop the 3 year plan - we are trying to get more info from her.
    * It’s important that we also work on community building. The community went through trauma - we need mediation and bringing people together - Mike Stroveski - Chief of Schools from the district would be a good contact to reach out to him and understand the status and next steps.
    6:45-6:55 - Treasurer's’ Report - Tim 
    * Budget update
    Still early in the year - didn’t compile the whole budget. Just finished the walkathon. We spent money on academic assistants, supplies, choral music, setting up the new art room, Bookkeeper. By next month we can tell you the actual the outcome of the walkathon. 
    * Academic assistants
    We need to make changes to the academic assistant program - Jon brought it to our attention that the district had concerns about both the personal liability of individuals serving as academic assistant like personal accidents coverage and also additional protections protections for employees that are working with children. The other concern from the district was that Jon, Chris and Kim are in charge of the safety, did the academic assistants complete a background check for example etc. We now have a plan in place - in brief - the parent group will still supply the same funding - instead the academic assistants we will put the money into the self help fund and the academic assistant will become hourly employees of the district. We don’t lose control over choosing our academic assistants - Jon fills out a form called a PCR form and that person fills out an application process and they get paid monthly. I’m hoping to make as painless a transition as possible. Really important to also making it as seamless as possible - up to some date they will be contracted as today and after that date they will be employees of the districts. 
    **Reports of Committees** 
    6:55-7:10 - Communications - KC 
    * We got great feedback for the new responsive design for the newsletter.
    * We also added a printed versions of the newsletter in the office and on the Site Council bulletin board in the hallway,
    * Some parents said they are not receiving the newsletter - most likely folks are getting it into their spam.
    * We will partner will the with grade staff and students they could interview the new staff members - kid driven - 2 interviews a newsletter.
    * We have the G-Suite accounts for non-profits. Anyone of site council not signed up can do that. This will help us transitioning year to year and one place to save all the documents. Right now we have a parent volunteer that is helping with that and after the initial setup we will need another volunteer.
    * Working with BLT to update the Thornton Creek Handbook and Facebook group guidelines
    * Working on setting up a bulletin board in the hall so we have faces and names in the hall
    * Still thinking on how to use the monitor.
    * Blog for EDI resources 
    7:10- 7:15 - Hospitality - Chelsie and Jennifer
    * Coffee with Jon - making sure people are caffeinated
    * We will do these monthly, nailing dates for those.
    * Next month will be organizing pies for teachers for thanksgiving. Reach out if you have anything.
    7:15 - 7:20 - After-School Enrichment - Katia - co-chair, Magen and Lisa other co-chairs
    * Very successful registration, some classes sold out after a couple of ours.
    * Some opening in chess, Mega Robotics and jump pro
    * Equity issue with a parent needing care, trying to resolve
    * Volunteer needed to help registrations issues on Fridays
    7:20 - Fundraising - Lisa 
            Move-a-thon - numbers aren’t in yet - I’ll have it for next time, no updates
    7:25-7:25 - Special Ed - Julie & Katie
    * We’ve been meeting first Monday of the month, everyone is invited to come even 
    * We’ve successfully had child care and now can increase participation. 
    * Jon has agreed to come to our next meeting and help with grilling and Chris will attend too. 
    * If you have questions you want us to ask them - let me know.
    * Programs that are of the community - how to be inclusive - how to behave around children that receive special Ed services and how to talk about inclusion.
    * A talk about 2E children - twice exceptional - advanced learners that require special education - a lot of interest to families in Decatur can partner with them on that.
    * Family buddy program - a lot of new K families interested - continuing to rethink how to get more people with older families to sign up. Create a sense of community and more welcoming for new families. The veteran family will reach out to the new family. Maybe can expand to 4th grade families instead of just 5th grade. It would help if it was specified what the time commitment was. 
    * Please add the monthly meeting to the school calendar.
    * Resource room staffing? They are overwhelmed - we had 0.4 FTE posted - someone at another school - we just got a 0.6 more appealing with benefits so hopefully will be easier to get someone. 
    7:25-7:30 District Relations - Will 
    * Geozone - transportation updates -
    * Creative approach schools alliance
    * Listening tour for superintendent - will be at Roosevelt HS on the 15th - please go and voice any issues you care about. She’s also meeting special-Ed families tonight. 
    7:30-7:35 Safety - Jessica
    * Next step for parking saga- looking for volunteers to staff 40th Ave sidewalk volunteers so people and kids can feel safe to be dropped off there -7:30-8:00 one morning a week and you can park in the school parking. 
    * Also survey for the community for how you feel about different options
    * Budget for morning safety control - need to talk to other schools.
    * We are applying for city grants (Tristan) - used some for flags, $1000 safe routes for school will fund a loti of the biking activities in May and whatever else we have money for. Let me know of other grants for funds. Also looking at more bike racks as well as bike covered area. Perhaps through the district facilities.
    * Volunteers needed for Flu clinic on Nov 16. Younger kids first.
    7:35-7:40 Facilities - Emilia 
    * I just opened my new email -
    * Created a google doc where you can sign up.
    * Beth and I - Lost & Found - strategies discussed with BLT - responsive classroom job for a kid to look through items. Story of stuff event. Also added Lost & Found section in the newsletter.
    * K-1 teacher - help organize the snack room 
    * Teachers storage closet situation 
    Outside facilities - Tres
    * Big water troughs - appropriated some of them to be used for expeditions. Originally purchased through a grant for Bamboo but died - K want to use 3 of them their expeditions and we need to change the bench - would be nice to have them used for something and use the soil for something else. I’ll organize a work party. 
    * Keeping kids from the mud - native garden that was torn down - Now that we have access to working outdoors - let’s see how many plants can be uprooted and moved so we will organize a work party. 
    7:45-7:51 - EDI - Tanya
    October 18 - 6:30-8:30 - our first meeting to be held
    Last year a women of color was pushed out of our community leadership - we asked for information to prove it via the law of information. We will follow up in the next meetings. 
    7:51-7:55 -  Volunteer comments - Leslie
    * We’ve been busy working on our sign-up being on a collective  sign-up genius form, now there are tabs for the current needs like safety patrol, hearing and vision screenings that Twinkle is running, and also the Harvest festival. By the end of the week will will have sign-up for lunchroom helper - Nova needs help to get kids moving the lunch line faster
    * Successful volunteers coffee - we let people where volunteers were needed and educate about the volunteering
    * Also looking at where we can have signage in the building, besides the newsletter and FB page
    * Alys Wylen couldn’t be here tonight - coordinating the Harvest Festival - Nov 2nd, need volunteers for cleanup afterwards.
    7:50 - 7:55 - Parent Education - Satcha -
    * Oct 16 6:30-8:00 pm - Conversations about abuse - I’d like to apologize it’s such short notice
    * I have other ideas, soliciting ideas from the community -
       * Amy Lang birds and bees 
       * Love languages with your kids
       * Movie screenings like won’t you be my neighbor / Mr Rogers
       * Two Thornton Creek moms that want to talk about sustainability and recycling for Good
       * EDI and Safety events
       * Family Yoga and Meditation event
       * Responsive classroom 
    * Let me know any ideas!
    7:50-7:55 - Room parent coordinator - Stacey for John
    * Working with the room parents
    * Room parents orientation for Monday after drop-off especially K-1 parents
    * They will be sending a bulk email about the sign-up genius - we need people to go and sign up. We need that info so we can capture who’s interested in helping with events.
    7:55-7:57 Bylaws - Todd
    * Slow start, things are starting to ramp up
    * Rules for parent group and site council. We are starting to put things in buckets and look into suggested changes. We are looking forward to participation with Jon and Liz from staff.
    * We want to send out a survey out in November with choices so we can hear from the community
    * We want a proposed revised bylaws by end of calendar year.
    * Mission statement included in the survey?
    **Report of Staff**
    7:57- 8:00 - Report of Staff - Jenny
    * Last week Book-it-theater - upside world
    * 5th graders went to camp. -perfect weather 
    * BLT training oct 23&25 - SEA provides the training
    * Harvest festival needing volunteers
    * Traveling art museum from NE artist until October 19 - available for families to view next week in the downstairs art room 
    8:00 - 8:05 - Library book fair  - Ginny & Julie 
    * UW book store was not available this year 
    * This year will be at Third place books Wednesday Nov 7 Library - just one afternoon, no events 
    **8:05 - 8:10 - Announcements - Kaori**
    * Welcome new Site Council chairs - 
       * Yearbook chair - Becca Neumann
       * Hiring Committee co-chairs - Anna Marshall & Elizabeth Duffell
       * Ombudsperson - Christine Kurc
       * Grant writers - Anne Arnett & Tristan Osborn
    * There are a lot of ways to volunteer - book fair, harvest festival, lunch room so please volunteer;
    * Nov 13 is our next site council meetings, if you want to add anything to the agenda - or via the mail box
    Jon Gasbar (Principal), Chris Cordell (Assistant Principal), Kim Sciarrone (Assistant Principal), Kaori Tanaka (Chair), Elizabeth Corman (Vice-chair), Tim Fonken (Co Treasurer), Lisa Anacker  (Co Treasurer), KC Potter de Haan (Communications Chair), Chandra M, Anna Peterson, Joe Peterson, Kathleen Elsenboss, Bridget Osborn, Anna Farr, Jenny Stewart, Robin Belz, Anna Fragonneni, Erica Seddig, Laurin Taylor, Stacy Earlywine, Darrah Parker, David Simonton, Sarah Tien, Elizabeth Whitmire, Jana Dilley, Erin Shade, Dana Bright, Tristan Osborn, Liz McCormack, Jen Chan, Stacy Seifert, Chelsea Lin, Jenny Pinto, Suzie Bunker, Tina Watkinson, Todd Bowers, Elizabeth Duffel, Anna Marshall, Jac de Haan, Marina Woodall, Gregory Lorenz, Tanya Wilson, Ruth Martin, Cathy Liermann, Tres Tracy Ballon, Katya Stelmakh, Whitney Gregory, Megan Motonagga