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    TC site council April 2018
    Evan Briggs, John Miner, Robin Belz,  Dana Bright, Ginny Alleman, Jac De Haan, Mardi Brekke, Cathy Reidy Liermann, Tanya Thackeray Wilson, Tina Watkinson, Mim Turnbull, Lisa Calvert, Cassie Condon, Steve Chavez, Liz McCormmack, Tristan Oshorn, Stacy Earlywine, Malia Oliver, Leslie Kot, Roger Taylor, Anna Fahr, Amelia Mcgee, Jeanne Gleason, Angela Hyland, Jenny Stewart, Karen Wirkala, David Swanson, Melissa Sire, Maria Callahan, Marina Woodall, Nicole Bowers, Julie Hooser, Liz Benko, Kim Caughey
    Principal’s report-John
    {Building budget}
    Currently 585 students enrolled for next year, ~50+ resource room SM-1 students, 10 in the access program, all included in total enrollment. 
    Enhanced staffing w/ enhanced budget from SPS - posted 2 classroom position, 1 2-3 loop, 1 4-5 loop, K-3 reading/math intervention specialist, 0.5 counsellor, 0.9 PCP, 0.75 math & writing intervention at 4-5 classes. TBD to know if we have 1 or 2 assistant principals  to hire next year. Please join hiring training and committee. We will start interviewing for general ed teachers and also hiring preK teachers soon. 
    Treasurer Report - Robin
    Not ready to review budget yet - Will review May and vote in June. Still trying to formulate roles under a finance committee and looking for another co-treasurer. 
    Committee reports
    {Safety/ Tristan}
    April & May - bike fairy - lights attached to bike if riding on Fridays in April. May - bike training, announced on Facebook, need 3 adults to help. 
    Bike to school day in TC, in years past there were popsicles. Bike to school challenge - TC won golden pedal award third year in a row - classes log minutes ridden the bike. Pizza party for winning classes. 
    Also installed flags for crossing via grants - 10 more sets around the school. 
    HIP packing again in May. This time want the 4th/5th kids help more in setup. Start collecting end of April 30th. We will set a different goal, potentially could be nice to donate via site council. Now also collecting toiletries for families in need. 
    We have a new superintendent - Denis - We don’t know much about her apart from her bio, we need to get to know her. 
    Mardi applied to join student attendant task force, Mardi advocated to ensure that the preK kids, and especially Special Needs kids could continue in the school.
    {Emilia/Lost & Found}
    Organized and donated 8 bags of coats to Mary’s place. Foster personal responsibility on your belongings - service learning or experiment with helping the kids understand the importance. Also cultural assembly short skits to help communicate. Maybe coordinate w/ Decatur and our lost & found could be there and vice versa. Now just racks and tables so it would be more organized - maybe walk through next to it. Maybe free name tags - encourage families to label their stuff. You have a month to get your stuff unless it’s going to be donated. 4-5 grades clean their classes and shared spaces. 
    Staff/BLT (building leadership team) report - Ginny
    Incident protocol revised
    School improvement  plan - goals & mission revised
    Interview/hiring team getting ready for hiring
    professional dev - prioritize expeditionary learning 
    Revising classes placement and notification to families - do we post on front door or personal letter to families from teacher - email might be good but w/ a list w/ kids
    June 14 is expedition night
    Book-it-theater - third this year 
    Poem in my pocket - next Thursday
    Athletic skills night is May - only 10 kids are currently signed up - need permission slips ASAP - deadline is Friday
    Chair’s Report - Evan
    {All family dance party}
     May 24 6-8pm, we have permits but still looking for a DJ. Need someone from the hospitality committee. 
    {New principal}
    Discussed process of new principal selection.
    {Site council bulletin board}
    Next the to the lost & found - put any announcements you have