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    Site Council TC January 2018 Minutes
    Participants - Evan Briggs, Justin Dellaring, Heather West, Nicole Bowers, Cassie Condon, Christina Piazanya,  Tom Pouliot, Melissa Sire, marina Woodall, Elizabeth Benko, Tina Watkinson, Tanya Thackeray Wilson, Christina Ellis, Lisa Calvert, Mardi Brekke-Hutchins, jessica Was, Julie Shin, Paige Reischl, David Swanson, Steve Chavez, Phoebe Daniels, Karen Wirkale, Ginny Allemann, Cathy Reidy Liermann, Malia Oliver, Amelia McGee, Dana Bright, Robin Belz, Lisa Anacker
    Principal report - John - 6:30-6:50
    2018/2019 Budget
    Very excited budget for 2018/2019 budget for SPS
    * About 25 Million increase the state will give the district a lot of impact -
    * Increase in certificated teaching staff — at least one additional teacher next year
    * We asked the district that the legislator will allocate the funding without saying how it will be spent. 
    * LAP funding increased for literacy specialist, 
    * Change of vocabulary in allocation itself — change free and reduced lunch to “equity allocation”
    * The district through budget committee surveyed for use of funds came up with 4 top priorities - smaller class size, reduction of split grade classes, allocation for elementary schools councilors and assistant principals. 
    * Class sizes are budgeted - 20 kids for kindergarten, 20 kids for first grade, 21 in second and 24 in third, hope this will be sustained. 
    * School budget will be released on the 27th and then will begin the process of how to spend the budget. March 12-23, budget are due March 24/25. 
    * In early March I could talk about where we are and where our budget is. Budget allocation increase will have impact on site council funding, especially if site council does not need to fund counselor position. 
    * We will be hiring new teachers for second grade and fourth grade, close to mid to late April ask parents involvement in the hiring process, there’s hiring training required. Through SPS website.
    * SPED program update - waiting on results of open enrollment February 14 and after that we will likely get more kids in the self contained classes. The configuration would likely stay the same i.e. not grow or reduced. 
    * Tours begin in a week and run until mid February. 
    * I’m going to an open enrollment fair of the district on February 20th. 
    Creative approach
    * Could get increased support for creative approach schools in the district - Process called co-design discussed in district - include the community - the history of this school has been of co-design - sharing around design making
    Responsive Classroom
    * This summer TC will host regional training on responsive classroom, many of our staff have already attended, the new hires will be expected to attend, July 9th in the school.
    ElI’s park - Paige - 6:50-7:00
    Page - mom of 3 boys. Her son Eli with Down Syndrome died this summer, wants to create an accessible park named after him next to Sandpoint/Burke Gilman, designed by our community and a welcoming place for all. 
    Please take the survey on the website to provide input/ideas, sign up for a mailing list. 
    Budget update - Robin - 7:00 - 7:10
    * Nice to be at this point knowing fundraising behind us, 85% in the pledged money is in the bank, rest via monthly payments.
    * Corporate matching has been more successful than ever - hard to know exactly — at least 25K in corporate matching
    * Academic assistants watch most closely, biggest line item in the budget, spent about half of the budget
    * We can start planning next year’s budget once we know the district budget in early March 
    * This year we don’t need another town hall like last year since we have enough funds and given the annual appeal model is working
    * Special budget for mid year requests and streamline the budget and little requests , we planned for two dates but thinking about one date for this year for teachers and staff and evaluate. Simple form coming this week.
    Committee Reports - 7:10 - 7:20
    EDI update 
    * Met last Thursday
    * Developing 2 service models, work with HIP - hunger prevention program, they address 5 schools in NE Seattle, provide 6 meals per week. They need help collecting and packing food, We want to do assemblies with quarterly food packing “parties” involving students.
    * Inspired by a 10 year old in Chicago - blessing bag - kids help those things and donating to homeless shelters, mid-winter break and spring break - bring shampoo etc.
    * Planning two staff training, John agreed to donate his team - gender issues with elementary school kids and race issues. 
    * Recruiting in Solid Grounds. EDI support John’s effort to recruit there. 
    * Families participating in the MLK march in MLK day - meeting on the south side of Evans pool at Noon.
    District relations - Mardi
    * Posted maps for proposed new high school boundaries - two options - 
    starting HCC cohort will go to the new Lincoln HS starting 2021
    Second options HCC will be based in neighborhood schools
    * petition for Maple Leaf neighborhood kids separated from friends
    * Creative Approach - talking to district members. Creative approach started as a response to Charter schools - we can energize that as a response for charter schools as not serving the whole population. 
    Facilities - Amelia
    * Shelving for PE supplies, need self help petition with the district
    * Available for any organizational projects for teachers and staff
    * Beth and I met about lost and found - what can do as a school community to keep better charge on our things, maybe a person in charge or older kids need to do the work. Maybe cultural assembly around it. 
    Talent Show - Cathy
    * Many of the kids are signed up but not enough adults. There are 3 rehearsals happening, we need more volunteers. Please spread the word. The next three Saturdays - rehearsals at school, 9:45-12:45, or 1-4
    * We also need adults for the backstage and actual show
    * We need a FB post, also focus on newsletter for adult recruitment 
    Staff update - Steve
    Professional development - professional learning communities once a month on Wednesdays (early releases) - getting teachers in grade bands to come together with student work, look at it, analyze it, see where students are, collaborate and come up with best practices so all children across classrooms can succeed, teachers learn best from each other. 
    Other trainings we have from the district 
    Library update - Ginny 
    Third book-it theater - someone that invented the water gun - super soaker - do it without using  the device - very creative 
    Chair Update - Evan - 7:20-8:00
    Serious volunteer needs that we need to fill out soon - 
    * We need a vice chair, Stacy has been filling in but we want to let her off the hook
    * This is Robin’s last year as treasurer, Lisa will stay but we need a co-treasurer position starting over the summer
    * We need to update the bylaws - big project - somebody that wanted to get this going. Someone that enjoys reading through laws - would be good to have someone with legal background. 
    * AI - put a job description for each of these and post on FB
    PTSA Equity 
    * They want to start a dialog about opportunity gaps between white students and students of color
    * One of the suggestion - Match Portland model - a portion of the PTA funds  is allocated between schools that needs the help - after first $10,000k, 30% goes to the equity fund 
    * March 4th at 1:30 - Meeting on March in NE library branch is the first in a series of community meetings
    * View Ridge donating to “sister school” - we could consider supporting Cedar park or another school in need
    * Worth doing a specific vote from the community? 
    PTA vs Site Council
    * Need to evaluate if we wanted to become a PTA vs. site council
    * Mardi will send a contact of PTA in Seattle
    November minutes vote 
    Everyone consented and agreed