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    The Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) committee, a sub-committee of the Site Council, works to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in our school and beyond. We wish to create a community in which all members feel safe, respected and valued. A diverse and inclusive learning environment contributes to intellectual, social and emotional growth as well as educational excellence for all.

    We acknowledge that our school’s above-average socio-economic status* and racial privilege** affects our overall school environment. Yet, we strive to provide meaningful opportunities to engage with diversity-rich and multi-culturally resonant content. Our school’s curriculum aims to help students be allies to historically disenfranchised and underrepresented populations, while also preparing them to be effective and productive participants in a multicultural world.

    *only 6% free-and-reduced lunch compared to 34% in the district
    **73% white compared to 48% in district

    EDI Committee goals and some examples:

    Our Goals Examples of What We Are Doing Toward Each Goal
    Implement family- and community-engagement strategies that foster forward-
    thinking conversations from multiple perspectives.
    Hosting workshops on how to talk to kids about race or gender identity.
    Build capacity among administration, teachers, staff and students to transform
    school climate, leadership, policies, procedures and institutional practices and
    Linking staff to professional development opportunities provided by district or other organizations, developing EDI policy to help frame an approach to EDI work.
    Ensure that the school’s curriculum addresses historically disenfranchised
    cultures and communities as well as issues related to diversity.
    Providing support to staff if requested, advertising district activities, such as national Black Lives Matter week resources, to staff and parent community.
    Optimize recruitment, hiring, and retention of a diverse workforce. Advertising for student teachers of color, writing job descriptions that encourage
    diverse backgrounds, and including persons identifying as underrepresented into
    interview panels for staff positions.
    Facilitate policies that respect student, staff and family members’ gender identity.
    Referring to persons with preferred pronouns, encouraging use of songs and stories in instruction that reflect gender diversity.
    Strive to increase enrollment of underrepresented groups. Working with Seattle Public Schools to change the GeoZone to include traditionally marginalized communities and conducting active outreach to communities to raise awareness about Thornton Creek.
    Establish processes to eliminate racial predictability and disproportionality in all aspects of education and administration. Supporting development of the Bias Incident Reporting Protocol.

    For more information about each goal, review the EDI Policy. Progress towards EDI goals will be evaluated against targets and other metrics developed annually to analyze outcomes related to the EDI Policy.

    About Thornton Creek Demographics:
    EDI Pie Chart