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    TC site council minutes November 7,  2017
    Stacy Earlywine, Robin Belz, Dana Bright, Nicole Bowers, Kim Fox, Sandy Shamley, Cassie Condon, John Condon, Katya Stelmakh, Tristan Osborn, Bridget Osborn, Melissa Alexander, Lisa Berman, John Pearce, Julie Clayton, Rachel Brooler, Roger Sogler, Jessica Wasse, Evelyn Emanuel, Kim Canging, Tina Watkinson, Ginny Alleman, Liz Robinson, Kristin Bailey Fogarts, Alycia Zollinger, Laurin Taylor, Christina Ellis, Jac De Haan, Mark Fung, Phoebe Daniels, Katie Zissermann, Cathy Reidy Liermann, Lisa Anacker
    Stacy (co-chair, filling in for Evan)
    Super excited about the fundraiser, so great. Decatur might be reaching out to know how to do it. Some of us are still getting envelopes and taking them to the office.
    Robin (Treasurer) 
    our goal was 200k. By last night we were at 204k it seemed like such an ambitious goal and something we wanted to do away from an auction.  I’m so appreciative to be part of this community. we wanted to be 100% participation, we were hoping for 90% participation, we were short of that so now we are 94% participation and we could get the ice cream and coffee for the teacher. It’s a really nice transition. The walkathon is at 26K vs expected 30k. 204K includes pledged amounts and received amounts but not corporates matches so we might still get 20k or more from that.
    So many classes had 100% participation. Thanks to Robin & Lisa for all the work of processing the reports and receiving the checks, Tori for behind the scenes, Communication and so many more volunteers. Friday ice cream truck ready at noon and be there until 2pm. We will do that by class and make sure every kid gets to participate including a vegan vanilla flavor, if something there isn’t working we need to know about it. Coffee bar will be set up in the teacher's lounge between 10:30 to 11:30. Teachers can get both ice cream and coffee! 
    Jac is the point of person for corporate matching. 
    New process for mid year funds giveaway.
    Sue asked about outside closet  in touch w/ district about self improvement projects, we need principal approval. Lost & Found we need someone in charge on that. Satcha washed everything and posted on Facebook to bring everything back to each owner, including Decatur community. 
    Jessica /Safety  
    Gant submitted to get extra flags for 77th and on 42nd and 40th crossing. We originally submitted for a crosswalk, we might be able to do raised crosswalks or something else. We halfway there for competing classroom emergency supplies. Family reunification plan education posted in newsletter and will be posted on the website.We will try the diagram about going clockwise on 40th to improve flows. And potentially getting stop signs, thinking about speed radar gun study.
    Feedback on FB community that we can be more positive, if you have an issue with some one talk to that person. We will remind people about positive ways to build a community and our code of conduct. Mardi is working on that and we will get it out. If you see something that might hurt you or someone’s feeling communication
    Coffee with John on Friday right after drop-off before Thanksgiving. Might be a conflict with the packaging of food for the break or can group that.
    Tina/Equity, diversity & inclusion
    We are doing food packing getting snacks for magnuson kids for 2 weeks. You can get gift cards and will be distributed in our school & Decatur for families in need ( You can buy those in the scrip table). John was supposed to do a robocall for the donation. Covered for food  so many people volunteered. Usually meet on Tuesdays one week before this meeting. 
    Roger/District relations
    Set up a plan with Mardi for this year. Creative Approach renewal is the most important thing, also create a creative approach coalition with the other schools. More to come.   
    Satcha/parent enrichment
    First community event tomorrow - positive discipline and December 5 Laurin will do responsive classroom. All the events are posted in Facebook and newsletter. Should be do flyers or is Facebook  enough? No childcare available. We need to check with Maria if Art room OK for childcare.
    Special Ed/Cathy
    Julie Shin is running the gifts for special ed and need volunteers for help for 3 hours.
    Special events/ winter bazaar update from Robin/
    Friday December 8. It is our school fair, students can make stuff and offer stuff for sale. You sign up for space and get it in the gym. Some classrooms have stuff they sell. After school we will middle school live music and cake walk and food for sale. It’s a fun event, the kids get to be creative and sell stuff. Tina me and Andrea Porter are working on it. We are going to end it at 5pm since school starts so early. We were hoping to ask that every classroom will provide help for end of the day cleanup. Obvious way to extend the invitation to Decatur school that they can come here once their school ends and everyone else from the community. Let’s make sure everything labeled. Signups have started and links are online. 
    Fall book fair is coming  Julie Shin & Jawline Myers organizing , Saturday is the main day, Ukulele and craft, also a quiz. Sunday event there with illustrator of “The day the crayons quit” with tickets. Everything you buy there proceeds will go to the library.
    Global reading challenge, 56 kids participating from 4th % 5th classes.
    Talent Show event is looking for helpers, we need to make are we have people in charge.
    We had productive meeting with John enrichment will be offered 4 days a week as well as Wednesdays until 2PM.  We finalized the classes list
    Liz/Staff report
    Teachers can turn in a wishlist of books before the book fair. Something for parents to look out for. Can be idea as a gift for the class. There will be a list in the book fair. We just finished Origami week that has been a great success and they have the origami paper there. Might be good to post those list online. We are completely overwhelmed and blown away with the results of annual appeal. Thanks so much.
    October minutes approval
    October minutes passed  everyone agreed & consented.