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    TC Site Council October 2017
    John Miner, Evan Briggs, Stacy Earlywine, Robin Belz, Nicole Bowers, Chrystie Dickens, Chris, Dickens, Jac De Haan, Jessica Wasse, Satcha Dearborn Graham, Cassie Condon, Tristan Osborn, Julie Shin, Sandra Brettler, Mark Fung, Tori Quiles, Mardy Brekke, Tanya Thackeray Wilson, Lisa Anacker, Melissa Sire, Joshua Colwell, Liz Robinson, Katie Zissermann, Maria Callahan, Mari Brockhaus, Rebecca Craemer, Dorothy Jacobson, John Finelli, Aaron Donsbach, Jay Glvydis, Joy Sebe, Roger Taylor, Moriah Love, Sarah Racine, Christina Ellis. 
    6:30 - Welcome/Intro
    6:40 - Principal Report - John
    * Thanks to all the parents for the success of the walkathon, especially for Deb Glazer for leading including coordination for Decatur and their recess schedule. It was the first fundraiser of the year - it never rained in 33 years.
    * Thanks for the parent group for the help to the school - your support makes the difference to what the school can offer.
    * Early release every Wednesday - professional development on responsive classroom, explicit bias, Nathan Hale identity safety, evaluation process and special ed delivery mode and grade level planning, many will continue as through the year.
    * Emergency planning - especially w/ coordination with Decatur if kids needs to stay here overnight and parent reunification - where/how/etc. We will get Joan Gordon from the city council to help with planning
    * Hiring is finally completed for the year - we finally have a second FT resource teacher.
    * Advocate for CAS - I’d like to ask parents to consider appearing in school board coffee events to advocate for our creative approach status which help us pick who we hire. We will post on the website, we need more board members, at least 4 votes needed.
    6:50 - Treasurer’s Report - Robin
    * Not a ton of activity yet. Most of the additions are from classroom fees. 
    * Most of the money spent is for academic assistance, Mary K and scholarship.
    * Walkathon money started to come in, not sure how much yet but feels faster this year.
    * We are 2 weeks away from the annual appeal. Tory has red envelopes ready!
    * New this year based on request - classroom fees could be paid via PayPal and also via payments. Anna Farr organized that. Downside that there’s 2.2% extra cost to pay PayPal but some people still asked to pay that way. We need to finalize the list of room parents to help distribute this info - and also do the room parent training.
    * Instrumental music situation - the district provides a half day which is intended for 5th graders, the TC community supported that so 4th graders will get that too with the participating families. The notice early this year both grades will have to pay but that’s not the case, only 4th graders will have to pay - we are still finalizing and negotiating with the district. Happy to answer questions. 
    * Process to ask for money streamlined - around 9K for mid year funding request in the budget - there’s a request form for the teacher. The due date for the fall request right after the annual appeal ends as we will be smarter if we have it to give away. 
    7:00 - Committee Reports
    Safety committee - Jessica
    * We met with the nurse and Jenny the outgoing administer - came up with 4 main things -
    * Bike faster and bike-ability for the school and getting extra bike rack.
    * Vaccines awareness in the newsletter
    * Took a tour of the emergency supplies. we need an electronic supply for when these need to be replaced
    * Clear and simple communication to parents for what to do in an emergency. 
    * The new drop-off arrangement is much safer, haven’t heard issues.
    * 77&40 will have additional crossing and signage for drop-off 
    * We can’t change directionality with signs but maybe we can reach out to the other parents again. 
    * The north gate is locked - is that intentional? No we need to make sure it isn’t locked at pickup or drop-offs times. During the school days it is locked to make sure kids don’t come out. 
    * John - if we have to evacuate the building we will set a station outside. 
    * Wedgwood neighborhood has an emergency station next to the post office with Radio communication, Maps etc. 
    * We asked for flashing crossing lights, speed cameras, numbers, signage etc. - that would great if parents want to advocate
    Communication - Cassie -
    * New website - huge amount of work for our team, document conversion for ADA etc. If you run into something that doesn’t look right reach out to 
    * We have new volunteers, fresh eyes and perspective - e.g. culture assembly - parents can come.
    * We published a handbook and it’s also online with our culture and policy
    Annual Appeal - Tory -
    * We still need volunteers for onsite proposition, walk around with some signs, walk the halls, morning window is shorter, afternoon pickup will also work. 
    * Maria & Lisa are working on the signs
    District Relations - Mardi
    * Focusing on the creative approach reach out. We need stories for how kids thrive here and especially for those who spent time in a neighborhood schools and moved here. 
    * We are trying to think of solutions for the playground sharing situation with Decatur -  Their recess is 2:50-3:05 - talking to their parent group - John will ask - maybe we can ask but is problematic - e.g. kids climbing trees and the fence. More likely we can fix that for next year. The main issue with flexible schedule is the bus company. 
    * In general sounds like a good idea to talk to the Decatur parent group and see where to coordinate. 
    * Joy - I can reach out to the Decatur PTA and I think they’ve been waiting to collaborate - Evan & Joy to collaborate. 
    * Maybe we can use one of the space in school e.g. the library courtyard, once a week for each grade level. Room parents can help spread the word. Maybe sidewalk chalk to draw out here. Maybe giant chess pieces for that space. 
    Christine - EDI - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (new name)
    * We’d like to invite under-representative population to our committee
    * We will be meeting monthly, First Tuesday of every month
    * Perhaps we can connect to the SpecialEd to make sure the effort is different 
    * We will be defining what the committee does in the next meeting
    * Connect with special ED 
    7:45 - Staff Report - Mari 
    * Two assemblies - culture assembly - responsibility - take the ball with you, bring it back, take coat take it inside, Book it theater Ada’s violin
    * Professional development - research shows that working together at a high level grow student achievement the most - using responsive classroom as the lens - responding to behavior - how to do that as teachers. 
    7:50 - Chair’s Report - Evan
    New committees structure
    * Last month proposed new structure - as committees are out of control, Nicole culture and community, Cassie for operations, I need one person for special events. Please let me know if you are interested or let me know if you have someone in mind.
    * I’ll be sharing the contact info so you all know who to contact.
    Building community 
    * As school gets bigger some families don’t know how to connect to other families. 
    * Maybe assign buddy system to families too? 
    * Maybe Liz’s idea, having events per grade level
    * Maybe work on the mascot? That can be build a community? John will discuss with staff to hear about history and opinions.
    * Nicole can head that as part of culture and community effort. 
    Making friends with our neighbors
    * Grievances from neighbors living around the school.
    * Complaints about walkathon & traffic
    * Perhaps town hall meeting to hear them out? Maybe flyers - gave them half hour of our TC. Important to show we care and we are listening.
    * Maybe a quarterly open house where we invite people for coffee. 
    * We made a significant effort, bought potted plants and delivered that and the cards 0 thank you for putting out with the construction.
    * Dog poo issue - maybe we set an email alias
    * Maybe now include Decatur, maybe they can be involved in the town hall - perfect opportunity for collaboration. 
    * Maybe we can invite the neighbors to some of our events - winter bazaar is a great example.
    Long term substitute policy and communication around that to parents
    * Feedback from a few people over a period of time
    * Do we have a long term plan when there’s a need as well as a communication
    * John - this depends on the condition - we have a long term sub in one of the K class, and another in the 2-3 grade plan - for that case we thought the teacher will come back but she couldn’t. We could have communicate that better. 
    * I’m happy to write something for parents if that helps them to understand the situation. 
    * Feeling of being in the dark - even if the update - is we don’t have an update.
    Approving September 2017
    Minutes passed.