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    Site Council TC September 2017 Minutes
    Participants -
    John Miner (Principal), Evan Briggs (Chair), Stacy Earlywine (V-Chair), Robin Belz (treasurer), Cathy Liermann, Nicole Bowers, Jean Miller, Leslie Kot, Christina Ellis, Rob Freer, Emily Wong, Leah Preston, Julie Shin, Leslie Cary, Chelsea Lin, Michael Freedman, Jason Parker, Doug Glazer, Dawn Noel Chen, Leimomi Barer, Irene Huang, Julie Houser, Farrah Leland, Tina Watkinson, Katya Stelmakh, Erin Shade, Josh Colwell, Jay Gilvyadis, Melissa Sire, Jessica Knaster Wasse, Cindy Deshler, Mrin Turnbull, Layna Moysch, Steve Carling, Ginny Alleman, Kristine Bailey-Fogarty, Maria Callahan, Tori Quiles, Lisa Calvert, Katie Chenu, Jac De Haan, Trista Osborn, Tara Chace, Tanya Thackeray Wilson, Sandy Shamley, Jenny Pinto, Rachel Brooks, Alys Wylen, Mardi Brekke Hutchings, Cassie Condon, Tres Tracy Ballon, Lisa Anacker, Roger Taylor, Amelia Mcgee, Reiko Sudduth, Lianne Okadayi, Deborah Hutchinson, Mari Brockhaus, Julie Clayton, Dana Bright.
    6:30 - Evan - Site council chair intro - 
    I’m new, Stacy is helping transition. Thanks everyone for coming! Vice chair Paige Reischl is out for personal reasons. Stacy is interim vice chair.
    6:35 - Julie & Mari - responsive classroom greeting.
    6:45 - John - principal report - 
    * The main change about the building - in order to be safer all buses will be in the main driveway and parents should park outside the driveway for both morning & afternoon. Neighbors on 41 & 42 - dead-end small streets - cars have been parking making visibility an issue, asking not to park there, park off the corners. 
    * Enrollments this year is pretty full, we still have space, we might accept students that move into the area or transfer - availability at all levels except K.
    * Hiring - Busy interviewing in Spring. we have a new counselor Lauren Taylor. She will be a great resource to the classroom and individual students. We hired 2 new second grade teachers and a new PE teacher who’s an alumni. We also hired a full time ELL teacher. We also finalized the SPP IA and have a job share part time position in K, and have been arguing for a month for the amount of resource room positions, we will interview and adjust that for a full time position.
    * Creative approach school - 6 schools originally applied and granted, all of us were given one waiver from SPS for our hiring practice. This has allowed us to look for people whose vision and experience has been aligned with the school philosophy - different from most Seattle schools. We now have to renew this every year - this waiver to recommend and hire new staff is critical for our culture since we don’t have professional training funds from SPS. This fall will present to the district why the creative approach is important. We need your help with convincing the district. They have yet to schedule the meeting - sometimes in October. By the end of September - we should ask for that in the newsletter. We also want them to consider other waivers - whatever drew you to this program. 
    * Kristen note - Help your kids problem-solve on their own - empower them by asking what the result they are looking for when they have a problem and ask for help if you can’t solve.
    7:00 - Robin - Treasurer report - 
    * Site council is made up from parents and teachers and staff. The parent group funds a significant amount of money and the magic of this school. We talk about the budget status every month. I didn’t bring a copy of the budget today but happy to share. You all will get it in a simplified form soon. I wanted to propose a few small changes to the budget today — last year were not sure about SPS funds.
    * Last year the decision was the annual appeal would be our main fundraiser (dropped auction). Our goal is raise 200K in annual appeal (update from 190k and less pressure on Walkathon that’s “kid led vs annual appeal “parent led”).
    * Historically we would give new teacher a couple of hundreds of dollars to new teachers so they can setup their class. We need to add $1100 to the budget.
    * If we don’t raise enough - we might need to cut the budget, but definitely won’t have an auction. 
    * There would also be a way to schedule payments or pay over time.
    * There’s was a thought about keeping it open NPR style until you reach a goal but that might be a risk.
    * It’s about $400 per student if we take that goal and divide it up per student number. And you can do gift matching with employers!
    7:10 - Vote about the budget adaptations. 
    You can agree and consent, disagree and consent or disagree and not consent. 
    Everyone voted “agree and consent”. 
    7:15 - committee reports 
    Communication committee (Cassie Condon)  
    * We are in charge of website, Facebook etc. Newsletter submission link if you have suggestions or issues. Please have patience as things are updating with the start of the year. Always start with When/What/Who. For example this Saturday school picnic 4-6 there were some hiccups. 
    Parent enrichment  - 
    Satcha Dearborn chairing but isn’t here. 
    Talks and movies happening in after school hours. If you have a request or want to volunteer to give a talk reach out to the committee. Usually free or with a small donation. 
    District relations (Mardi - w/ Roger)
    Nothing to report - if there are broader district relation, we often go to talk to Jill who’s the district person. We usually communicate via Facebook and. We always want people on our team, especially with strong writing skills.
    Culture and Community (Piper not here)
    Proposing to change the name from “Site Council” so it would be clearer parents are involved. That was part of the board design but maybe can call ourselves “Thornton Creek Parent Group”.
    (Heather not here since kids are sick).
    Welcome to school and K coffee. 
    The picnic is Saturday 9/16 4-6 @ the playground weather permitting. Families will bring food & drink, hospitality will provide sweets for everyone.
    We currently don’t have fundraising chair.
    Special Ed 
    We meet monthly, we’d love for you to join us. We advocate on behalf of families with kids in special Ed and for special ed staff. We provide programming. We helped a 3rd grader to do an assembly about inclusion and also initiate adult enrichment. Also arrange for holiday and end-of-year gifts for staff not covered by teachers gift.
    Diversity - Jay
    * We tried to recruit students of colors. We tried to parents and teachers of color will be involved in hiring process. Tried to recruit to school from mosques and other background. Showed the documentary “13”. We did two book drives for Olympic Hills. We did workshops for kids and parents about diversity and improve race related discussion. We expanded geo-zone to include solid grounds - we have 5 families coming in this year from there.
    * It’s hard to get parents to come to after hours events and book club hardly had people. We need more ideas for what’s realistic for the school. After the tragic shooting we had a fundraiser and got $850 in gift cards. Diversity is different than school engagement.
    * Perhaps a separate community engagement committee that I’d be happy to co-chair maybe with Tanya.
    Facilities (Amelia) & Landscaping (Tres) -
    * In the old building we could do whatever we want. We are still under contract (it’s for two years) to not do anything this year but we can do weeding - at some point I will put out a call for a Saturday morning party - will be important in early spring before things go to seed.
    * We have troughs that are part of grant a teacher bought. There was a misuse, Trying to find a good use to them, maybe with a teacher as part of a class work or do something with them. They would be moved again for PE needs.
    * The annex has a native plant next to it that was done by our school - would be great in fall find out if we can rescue these plants before they tare down the annex - another work party. 
    * (Facilities) Keep a master list for who needs what and organizing work parties. One example is if we wanted more bike racks etc. 
    Safety (Jessica)
    Worked on traffic situation.
    Working on emergency preparation following events in Florida & Texas.
    Jenny Evans is passionate about emergency preparations - sent update for stuff done over the summer, still need to purchase stuff. 
    That blue big box is emergency kit for the school - multi-day stay for students and staff - some need to be renewed or replaced every few years. The school does not have a generator.
    (Eleanor) - not here today.
    Parent group hires Nova from lunch to do bookkeeping. Budget 280K this year and also teachers collecting money - we need more hands on deck. In charge of communication between teachers etc. Integrating between all these functions and more active oversight. If anyone knows online quickbooks well we need their help!!
    Dawn Noel Chen is chair - We are looking for a vice chair. 
    Registration was last Sunday. 
    218 registered in 9 classes - pretty similar to same state last year.
    Looking into Wednesdays but can’t provide in the building and it’s a liability issue to take the kids out of the school
    Scrip (Leslie)
    It’s an easy way to donate money. We can’t raise tens of thousands of dollars. These are gift cards you can buy at a discount but the school gets that money. If you buy a gift card for $100 the school gets $5. We can’t be on Amazon Smile due to our IRS status. It also impacts Boeing gift matching.
    Volunteer coordinating (Emily)
    * Now the volunteer packet is online and we encourage everyone to do this online. That will save us 40+ hours of data entry!
    * We hope that in the next two weeks we can get out of these turned in.
    * We are trying to engage new families, next Wednesdays is volunteers coffee and trying to innate more events.  
    * Sandy Shamley is going to lead field day and looking for a co-chair.
    * We will also have tables after school to recruit and help support people who are in charge of events to get volunteers. 
    8:00 - Staff report (Ginny) 
    * Smoother start to the year vs. last year when we moved to the new building.
    * Decision making process changed a lot as we grew  - now BLT - in charge of handle the money and professional development. 
    * We have a representative from each grade level and specialty - representative democracy to streamline decision making. Lisa and I are chairing - this is aligned to the district process. We also need a parent to that team. 
    * Sitting on that committee will count for volunteering - we meet every other week for now but then it would be monthly.
    * We shifted counselor from working with kids who were struggling with discipline.
    * Laurin is doing no discipline - more 1:1 and small groups, anti-bullying etc, the social emotional piece is part of every teacher’s theme. 
    8:05 - Chair report (Evan)
    * Suggestion for new site council structure - Proposing to group committees into 3 themes - Culture & Community, Operations, Special Events.
    * We need volunteers to “chair” each theme and be that point person to reduce overlap and streamline communication. We have monthly planning meetings before site council and plan agenda items and they can come to those meetings. 
    * Please email me or talk to me about feedback for this suggestion. 
    * Site council or PTA - site council is more shared between parents and teachers. 
    * Annual Appeal - October 23 -November 13 - We need a lot of help - Tory and Doug outlined what we need. We need a lot of help and volunteers to make it a successful event. The main ask is during those 3 weeks of annual appeal. It would be great to think about things to do at drop-off and pickup. Perhaps also friendly competitions between classrooms. Also someone to take a look at company gift matching processes. Please sign up tonight.
    * We also need walkathon volunteers and DJ