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    Communications to and from the school

    It is of paramount importance that clear, accurate and timely communication exists among all members of the Thornton Creek Elementary School community. To this end, we have implemented several information streams available to you. Please use as many of these information streams as you feel comfortable. Be sure you are connected so you don’t miss out on important events or volunteer opportunities!

    1. The Monthly Newsletter is the single best way to stay informed about important school events and issues. It is delivered on Mondays, via e-mail, and can also be viewed online at the school Web site. Be sure to take a few minutes each week to read then entire newsletter! There is also a location for families to share thank yous, articles or bulletin board items. The newsletter is usually available on the website after 1-3 weeks after its release. Subscribe HERE!
    2. “Kid Mail” is the folder your child takes to and from school in his/her backpack every day. Here you will find communications directly from your teacher as well as assorted announcements, forms and news from the school. You can also use it to send messages to your child's teacher. Be sure to check your child's folder daily!
    3. School-wide email is used for time-sensitive announcements sent by the office and Site Council committees. In addition, your class may send group emails based on the classroom roster assembled by one of the parents. Be sure the school and your class roster(s) have your current email address!
    4. The school website contains a wealth of information. Find it at