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    The Thornton Creek newsletter is operated by the TC Parent Group and funded by parent and community donations. The newsletter is distributed to families who have "opted in" to receiving communications, and is not an official Seattle Public Schools communication venue.

    The newsletter is distributed weekly and includes information from the school community, including school administrators, staff, and parent volunteers.

    Please sign up for the newsletter to receive news and updates about school activities!

    Newsletter Criteria:
    • TC Parent Group, and Site Council news and sponsored programs
    • Links to school-related events and meeting minutes
    • School administration announcements
    • Staff and teacher programs, news, and events
    • Announcements related to activities sponsored by other SPS schools/organizations

    Other topics must go through the Seattle Public Schools process for approval prior to being included in the Thornton Creek Newsletter. You can find this process detailed here. Once approved, SPS will send you a form. Please include this with your content request.

    Weekly Newsletter Publication Schedule:
    Content for 1st Draft Due: 7pm on Monday
    1st Draft Sent: by 7 pm on Tuesday
    1st Draft Edits Due: 7pm Wednesday - no new content after this point
    2nd Draft Sent: by 11am on Friday
    Final Edits Due: 7pm on Sunday
    Newsletter Published: by 11am on Monday*

    Please Note: Following school holiday breaks of a week or more, publication date will be 11am on Tuesdays. These holidays include: Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Mid-Winter Break, and Spring Break.

    Email Newsletter submissions to:

    Article Submission Guidelines:

    • Thornton Creek’s weekly newsletter publishes messages from the office, and updates and announcements from teachers, staff, students and parent volunteers. Examples of this content include: school-wide events, notices of community and committee meetings, links to meeting minutes, school sponsored student and parent enrichment opportunities, school fundraising, safety messages, interviews and district sponsored or approved events.
    • If you are submitting content that has a committee that supports it, please submit your content directly to the committee leads to verify that it is consistent with their posting plans. Examples of this might include a call for volunteers, a fundraising event, an EDI event, etc.
    • Submissions should be short and succinct, 200 words or fewer. Submission in excess of 200 words are subject to copy editing by Communications Committee or return to sender for additional editing. If you have detailed information on longer posts that don't require a Special Edition (see below), one option is to create and host a .pdf with more information and put the link in your post.
    • If you have a need for a longer, more detailed communication, please contact us about a Special Edition Newsletter or other communication threads. Special Editions are for more detailed communication that require more than 200 words to effectively communicate. They are not for last-minute or rush information and cannot generally be sent out faster than with 3 days turn-around. Special Edition Newsletters are subject to approval by the Communications committee.
    • The newsletter is intended to provide new content each week. If you have news that warrants being repeated, please submit an updated version of your content on subsequent weeks.
    • Links If you have information you’d like linked in your article, please include the link with your submission. Note: We do not “host” outside or temporary documents (i.e. attach a flyer). These links can be to a public site or your own server, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. as long as access is public. If you need assistance in creating a linked document, please contact the Communications Committee ( and someone will help you figure out your best option. Embedded links are often lost in email formatting. To prevent errors and make sure we don’t miss these, please include the actual link in your submission, i.e. "Thornton Creek Elementary School ("
    • Privacy Due to federal privacy laws, we cannot include any information about individual students, including names and photographs, without approval from the office. If your submission includes personal student information, please include office approval along with your submission.

    Send newsletter submissions in to Do not send communications emails other than newsletter submissions to

    Newsletter Organization
    The Newsletter is organized as follows with the understanding that sections are only listed in the weeks that there is news.

    • Upcoming Events
      • Volunteer Needs
    • From the Office
    • From Teachers and Staff
      • 5th Grade Interview
      • Special Ed
      • Library
      • Art
      • PE
      • Music
      • Other Staff News
    • From Thornton Creek Site Council
      • Current events - Winter Bazaar, Talent Night, Science Fair, etc.
      • Detailed volunteer requests
      • General committee news for each committee only as needed
      • Thank Yous
    • From Thornton Creek Parent Group (Fundraising)
      • Any current fundraising
      • Scrip updates, Links to Box tops, Scrip, etc.
    • From The Parent Community
      • Events not sponsored by site council - PTA, book drives, no-charge parent ed events
      • Organizing activities for kids or parents, carpools, etc.
    • District Approved Communications
    • Quick Links
    • Footer