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    TC Specialists Focusing on Story | Library | Visual Art | Physical Education
    Posted on 11/02/2020
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    Specialist Focus for 2020-21 School Year

    This year Thornton Creek Specialists are excited to be focusing on story. We are diving into story in Library, PE, and Visual Art as a way to build connections. Students will explore story as self-expression and self-understanding.

    We will use story to share about our families and our communities. We will explore stories from our beautiful Northwest and from all around our vibrant planet. We are hoping that story will work its magic, widening our understanding and fortifying our resilience and empathy.

    Story will help us celebrate, connect, and grow stronger together.

    “We tell ourselves stories to live” -Joan Didion


    Story in Visual Art

    Art keeps kids in school
    Art prepares students for the future
    Art impacts the ‘whole child’
    Art builds leadership
    Art builds cultural awareness and empathy
    Art promotes innovation
    Art allows for self expression and awareness
    Art impacts the entire school culture
    Art is fun
    Art can help the educational gap

    The above list is from an article by Wynita Harmon for The Art of Education

    "I was trying very hard to show my life and to tell my story, because that is what an artist is supposed to be doing: telling their story” -Faith Ringgold

    Through Visual Art this year, we will explore storytelling in all its many forms. We will be doing “what an artist is supposed to be doing.” We will be exploring different media and how each type effects our storytelling. We will look at artworks and art traditions from around the world. We will use Art as both a window and a mirror. In focusing our work this year on storytelling we hope to help students both express their own story and understand each other’s stories.

    🔸 Maria and Piper 🔹

    Story in Physical Education

    Physical education is an opportunity for students to exercise, have fun, develop skills, and learn through cooperative play and storytelling activities. In PE, we will focus on the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of each student in alignment with the national PE standards and responsive classroom teaching.

    Goals for Remote Learning

    • We want our students to enjoy being physically active, and to come away with the skills, knowledge, and attitude that will help them lead a long, happy, healthy life.
    • During these unprecedented times, we hope that PE will be a safe space where our students can build community, relieve stress, be physically active, and have fun connecting with their classmates.
    • Everything we provide can be modified to fit your circumstances. The most important thing to us is that every student is finding ways to be physically active and healthy. PE should be a source of fun and well-being. We do not want to add to anyone’s stress.
    • Please ask your child about their PE experience and encourage them with positive words. Participation is the key to making this meaningful. You get out what you put in!
    • Kids are watching to see how we deal with stress. Hang in there!

    🏀 Josh and Sue 🏈

    Story in Library and Technology

    In a time of change and stress for our students and families, stories are more important than ever. Some argue that storytelling is what makes us human- what separates us from other intelligent life. Humans are constantly creating stories in our heads of the many small moments in our lives. These stories we tell ourselves are more than just a distraction, though they are helpful for that, too.

    A good story can create a strong sense of connection, familiarity, and trust. A good story allows the reader or listener to enter into the world of the author and makes them more open to learning. A well-told story is remembered far longer than facts and figures. I believe storytelling is a crucial part of literacy that can't be overlooked.

    This year in Library and Technology:

    • We will use our natural inclination to storytelling as a way to connect and grow together. When we share stories we gain access to the beliefs, experiences, and knowledge of others.
    • We will spark our imaginations and curiosity by reading books with diverse characters and by learning about diverse authors who share their own voices. Storytelling is a unique way for children to develop an understanding and respect for other cultures and ways of life.
    • We will share our interests and celebrate our successes through a variety of digital media.
    • We will have so much fun reading and learning together!

    📚 Kristen 📚