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    School Community Meeting March 13
    Posted on 03/13/2019
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    School Community Meeting March 13

    Thornton Creek Elementary is currently working to bring our budget and hiring practices into compliance with state and district expectations. These required changes include the current structure of our music program.

    Please join us for a meeting, Wed., March 13, 3 p.m., in the library. Only representatives on the BLT can participate in the conversation. Other parents, staff, or community members that choose to attend are welcome to observe.

    Music Program

    The current structure of our music program violates the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Seattle Education Association, our teachers’ union, and cannot continue in its current design. Our goal, in partnership with Human Resources, is to provide minimal disruption to students. The program will continue until the end of the year. Next year, our music program will need to look different. This does not mean that Mary K cannot continue with our school. We can work together to find ways for her music to continue and I look forward to collaborating with everyone around how to incorporate her into our school program in alignment with the CBA.


    Last night, at the Site Council meeting there was a request to share budget scenarios for next year. If you would like to see budget scenarios or provide input on the budget you can email your parent BLT representative. The role of the parent on the BLT is to collect input from the community and represent the families. If you would like information about budget proposals you can email

    There are also new state rules and regulations that impact budget decisions that we need to make at the building level. There is less flexibility in how we can spend our money. We are still working through our school budget for next year and will be coming together this afternoon with support from central office and the Seattle Education Association to help the BLT come to consensus on budget scenarios that would move forward for a staff vote.

    Thank you in advance for your partnership. We all want the best for students. Once the budget is finalized through the BLT process, Principal Gasbar will share information broadly.