Pick-up/drop-off procedures

Our procedures for dropping off children at school in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon are as follows.

Morning drop-off

  • The playground is supervised at 7:40, 10 minutes before the first bell.
  • Parents/caregivers and their supervised children are welcome to be in the hall or to check in with teachers before the first bell. Students should not be in the halls or classrooms unsupervised before the first bell. 
  • Parents/caregivers and their supervised children are welcome in the common area before school. Students should not be in the commons unsupervised.
  • Parents/caregivers should send or walk their children to class when the first bell rings.
  • Within reason, parents/caregivers should clear the halls shortly after class begins; this sends a strong message to the children that this is their time and space.

Drivers should note the following traffic management plan:

  • For safety reasons, parents/caregivers must not drop off or pick up their children in either bus zone (i.e., next to the curb on the circle driveway or along the east side of 40th between NE 77th and 80th streets).
  • Parking is not permitted on NE 77th or 80th streets on our school block; the parking lot can be used if there is space.
  • Parents/caregivers temporarily dropping off or picking up K–2nd grade students should temporarily stop at the entrance on NE 77th St. Parents of 3rd–5th grade students should temporarily stop on NE 80th St.
  • If parents/caregivers intend to park and walk with their child into school, they should park in the adjacent neighborhood, more than a block away, being considerate of neighbors' driveways and ensuring pedestrians' safe routes. Accidents can arise if views are obstructed or pedestrians have to negotiate between parked vehicles.

During school

  • During the school day, access to the school is limited via the main entrance facing 40th Ave NE. Visitors must press the security buzzer located outside the main entrance and wait for the doors to open. All visitors must sign in at the office before going anywhere in the school and sign out upon departure. 
  • Parents/caregivers are welcome in the school any time, with discretion to our learning environment. 
  • If, post-drop-off, parents/caregivers need a comfortable place to sit and chat with other parents/caregivers, they are welcome to use the commons or one of our beautifully landscaped areas outside. This preserves our shared learning spaces for students and creates a "kid-owned" atmosphere in the classroom wings.

Afternoon pick up

  • The area between the elevator and the front doors must be kept clear for staff moving students with mobility needs to their buses.
  • Kindergarten families: Parents/caregivers should wait in the commons or other "grown up" areas until 2:00, then go to the courtyard and meet their child at the exterior door of the kindergarten classroom.
  • 1st grade families: Parents/caregivers should wait in the commons or other "grown up" areas until 2:00, then go to the K-1 hallway to meet their child at their classroom door.
  • 2nd–5th grade families: Parents/caregivers should wait for their child's teacher to walk them to the commons at 2:05. Teachers will release students to you and be available for end-of-day check in. Parents/caregivers are welcome to return to the hallway/classroom after 2:05.
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